WWE company has given up on buying the NWA

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WWE company has given up on buying the NWA

It would not be the first time that WWE, or a wrestling company in general, buys another company, these are normal things in the business, but it seems that this time things have gone differently. Billy Corgan, singer and current owner of the National Wrestling Alliance, revealed that prior to him buying it, the company had been offered to many other wrestling realities.

Corgan finally bought it in 2017. The company has also been showing off a lot lately, giving the public a good product that knows how to entertain and entertain, giving opportunities to wrestlers who mostly haven't had a chance to shine yet.

In fact, for example, the legend of female wrestling Mickie James will take care of an all-female ppv, precisely for the NWA, which is very important for the development of the women's division in wrestling.

WWE gave up buying NWA before Corgan

Apparently, during the NWA bidding period to the various wrestling companies, WWE is said to have refused to buy it thus giving up on the purchase.

Guest on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast, Billy Corgan talked about his choice to buy the NWA which unfortunately had lost a lot of value over the years, despite having remained at the top for a long time since its creation.

“[…] This business is very different from what it was in the heyday of the NWA. There is no fiction here. When I bought NWA he was getting out of the whole situation with TNA, defeat and lawsuits and there was a lot of public grudge there.

Then I bought the NWA. In a crazy way, it was in possession of a person. It was heavily devalued. He tried to sell it to everyone. Nobody wanted it, as far as I know. He definitely offered it to WWE. They thought it was so useless that they didn't even buy it just to get it off the market," Corgan said.