WWE: Summerslam could be the new Wrestlemania

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WWE: Summerslam could be the new Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 37 was the first WWE PPV to be staged in front of an audience after the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic to the delight of athletes and fans who were moved to find themselves in one place to share a passion.

But the real possible star of 2021 as far as the WWE is concerned, among the Big 4, could be the hottest show of the summer, Summerslam, which has been making headlines for several months already. The names to bring on the card of the show, which this year found a home on Saturday 21 August at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas in Nevada, are really many, important and have invaded social networks since the official announcement.

It seems that Vince McMahon's company has decided to dare, putting together a card worthy of Wrestlemania, which is no small feat and not to be underestimated for the success of the second live ppv in the middle of a pandemic.

Sources speak of Summerslam as the new Wrestlemania

According to what was written in a tweet from the wrestling news profile WrestleVotes, it seems that there are rumors circulating that the matches at Summerslam could recall great matches suitable for the Grandaddy of Them All, the most loved and anticipated show in wrestling history.

Here is what was posted on Twitter: "After talking to some sources on the subject, I learned that WWE is 100% trying to make Summerslam this year's Wrestlemania." Then the moderator went on to quote the very words he was told: "All resources will be exploited."

The moderator also dropped a pretty big bombshell for all wrestling fans: “I think they want Reigns vs Cena in the Main Event. I'm not sure they decided." If that were to be the case, even if only with a very important match between Roman Reigns and John Cena, the level of Summerslam would be very high, with the champions and not involved in spectacular matches with the live audience cheering loudly.