Have The Authors of Pain retired from pro-wrestling?

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Have The Authors of Pain retired from pro-wrestling?

Recently, AEW's Lio Rush had communicated to fans and insiders how he would retire from the world of pro-wrestling, after suffering a bad shoulder injury during his match in the All Elite rings. After not being able to hold his son in his arms and after long hours of reasoning, the athlete preferred to make the painful decision to leave the struggled pro-wrestling, thinking first of all of himself and his family and then of work.

All this also triggered some very negative comments, even among some former WWE colleague, with Greg Hamilton, WWE announcer who indulged in some grumpy comments, which were deleted from social networks after only a few minutes.

Apparently, what will come after the end of the contract with NJPW, which Lio Rush has decided to respect until the last date, will not be the only retreat we will see in this period of some former McMahon-owned federation's athlete.

Akam and Rezar of The Authors of Pain were released from their WWE contracts in September last year. The WWE exit of the former NXT Tag Team Champions surprised several fans and pundits as the duo were prominently featured on TV whenever they were fit and ready to go.

The Authors Of Pain has since vanished from the wrestling circuit

According to what was reported in the latest updates of the well-known overseas podcast, the Fightful Select, it would seem that even the now historic couple of Authors Of Pain, also known as AOP, may have already definitively disbanded and withdrawn from the pro-wrestling world.

Apparently, the AEW is said to have not wanted to include them in its roster, because it would not have room for them, while instead, the NJPW is said to have declined to make any offers because the two would speak either Japanese or English well, so it would be a nice problem working with them.

To all the independent companies that have sought and contacted them for some bookings, the two replied that the team has withdrawn from pro-wrestling. As also added in the well-known Fightful Select: "When the staff of the various federations tried to contact the AOPs, everyone was informed that both boys are 'withdrawn' Rezar is 26, while Akam is 28.

We are not sure if this is representative of the AOPs or precisely for both men and the two are therefore working separately, we are working to obtain new information." Apparently, it is not possible at the moment to understand if the wrestlers have retired only as a couple or if the two really would have decided to hang up their boots, changing jobs on the threshold of 30 years.