WWE and the strange way of conceiving Jey and Jimmy Uso

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WWE and the strange way of conceiving Jey and Jimmy Uso

In recent weeks, Jimmy Uso, twin brother of the Jey who had joined Smackdown's Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns months ago, has also been revised after months of absence from the Stamford company's rings. After being beaten over and over again, Jey had to submit to the will of his elder cousin, under penalty of exclusion from the Anoa'i family and with him all the generations to come, of the children and the children of the children, as the stipulation also wanted.

of his last match against Roman Reigns in 2020. After returning to the scene, for being absent due to a knee injury, Jimmy Uso did not understand well the reasons that still push the twin to be so dominated by his cousin, despite the defeat suffered in the last Hell in a Cell, in which he too took part, becoming decisive for Jey's defeat.

In fact, in the last few weeks, we have a very particular situation in WWE, on the side of Friday Night Smackdown, where Jey Uso is on the side of Roman Reigns with a sword and where his brother Jimmy does not seem to want to listen to his cousin, only going so far.

occasionally to save his brother from the troubles he makes.

Jimmy and Jey Uso failed to defeat The Mysterios in the main event of SmackDown

According to the well-known PW Insider, it would seem that WWE has once again created something historic and never seen before in its rings for Jimmy and Jey Uso.

As confirmed by the well-known overseas site, in fact: "The Usos have a real and unique distinction at the moment. Internally, Jimmy is counted among the babyface ranks while Jey remains fixed on the heel side of the roster.

This could be the first team in WWE history to have this situation." Despite the terrible narrative moment WWE would be experiencing, when it comes to the big and important storylines of the main event, Vince McMahon always manages to find something innovative.

and fresh for his fans, who apparently had not yet seen such a situation, like the one created at the court of the Tribal Chief of Smackdown, in many years of WWE. Last month, it was strongly hinted by Mat Men Podcast's Andrew Zarian that 16-time world champion John Cena would be in the main event of WWE SummerSlam 2021 against the Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

John Cena has also been rumored to appear on WWE's first show back with live fans - the July 16th episode of Friday Night SmackDown in Houston, Texas.