Vince McMahon changes his mind about calls from NXT

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Vince McMahon changes his mind about calls from NXT

In recent months, WWE and especially its Chairman, Vince McMahon, have changed their minds on how to call NXT talent on the main roster several times. Immediately after last year's Draft, there was a half revolution within the company's brands, wanted by the WWE patron, who demanded that all three main rosters of the federation and therefore Raw, Smackdown and NXT remain completely separate.

In view of Survivor Series, in fact, there had to be the most total separation between the brands, so as to be able to carry on a storyline as linear as possible, without making several NXT fighters appear too many times on the main roster, which happened every week with all segments of Raw Underground.

In the segment conducted for a few weeks by Shane McMahon, son of Vince, several NXT and Smackdown athletes were in fact brought to the scene, with the cameras of the red show that every week went to frame the most disparate talents, making them understand nothing more connected fans from home.

Vince McMahon changes his mind about calls from NXT

According to what has been revealed by the reporters of Ringside News in the last few hours, it would seem that Vince McMahon has decided to abandon all the ideas and habits of the past, no longer choosing the athletes to move from NXT to the main roster based on the quality of the fight.

If until a few months ago the most deserving athletes in the ring were sooner or later proposed on the Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown square, now things would have changed radically. After the recent releases, Vince McMahon would have realized that the thing that makes a wrestler his luck or not is the character and therefore the gimmick.

From now on, according to reports from some sources inside the company, Vince McMahon will choose even more with the light, those who will go to the main roster, choosing first the characters that work at NXT and then focusing on technical and non-technical skills.

According to the WWE Chairman, a character or a wrestler who manages to make a gimmick work, are the best assets you can have right now in WWE, where creativity is at an all-time low and therefore you need someone who knows how to make anything work.

should bring on stage. At the moment, therefore, Vince McMahon would be looking for athletes with personality and not wrestlers who are good at wrestling. A little bit the trend that the WWE has recently returned to have, after hoarding up talents from independents for years.

Vince McMahon was keen on bringing Aleister Black to the main roster when Black was a part of NXT. Triple H reportedly rejected the WWE Chairman's plans as he wanted Black to end his feud with Johnny Gargano. Aleister Black debuted in NXT in 2017 and was on the brand until 2019.

In his spell with the Black and Gold brand, he won the NXT Championship once when he defeated another recently-released WWE star, Andrade.