Chelsea Green talks about her ambitions

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Chelsea Green talks about her ambitions

Over the last few months, WWE has made cuts to its roster by releasing some of the most promising wrestlers and others already at full capacity in the Main Roster and thus surprising the WWE Universe. On April 15th, several releases were made and among these was Chelsea Green, a wrestler considered to very promising but whose career was held back by an injury that kept her in the pits for some time.

During the recent episode of the podcast, Green with Envy, former WWE star Chelsea Green gave a curious interview talking about her future and her experiences. Here are her words: "I am finally healed, my surgeon was impressed by the healing of my arm and now I have no injury.

I'm healed and I'm ready to go back into the ring. I almost feel excited that I could cry, I haven't been fighting in a really long time and taking that minute and a half away from SmackDown I could say that I haven't been in the ring for a year.

My non-competition contract with WWE will expire on July 14 and I'm ready to fight again."

Chelsea Green suffered a broken wrist

Chelsea Green has also released interesting statements about a possible job with Playboy: "I have some interesting things to tell you about Playboy, I currently have a wish list, I would love to work at AEW, make my own podcast with Barstool and last but not least I want to collaborate with Playboy.

I am absolutely not ashamed of my body and would have no problem posing totally undressed. I have always loved Playboy and I would like to tell about what has happened to me lately, but it's soon and there will be new updates about this story shortly, I'm looking forward to next week."

Green recently revealed some of her ambitions and announced in the course of the Fightful Select podcast: "I think I'll start again doing things like a YouTube channel or a new podcast. During the pandemic I worked on YouTube and enjoyed myself, I need to educate myself why I want to improve and work in this world."

Chelsea Green's last appearance on the WWE main roster came on Friday Night SmackDown in a fatal four-way match back in March 2020. Unfortunately, she suffered a broken wrist and hasn't been used since despite being cleared recently.

One person not shocked by any of this is Matt Cardona (FKA Zack Ryder), who was released by WWE on this very day last year. He took to Twitter to voice his support for everyone who was released, including his fiance Chelsea Green.

"I was literally making a post about how this past year has been a blessing in disguise as the news of these releases broke. You will all be fine. Work your a** off. Create your own opportunities. I love you @ImChelseaGreen. You are a f****** star," Matt Cardona.