Trouble for John Cena with WWE for his "apology" to China

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Trouble for John Cena with WWE for his "apology" to China

There continue to be problems surrounding John Cena, caused by his social message in support of China and regarding the definition of Taiwan as a state. The Bostonian's words, spoken to keep the level of affection of the Chinese community at WWE high, have in fact generated negative reactions even from the US political world, consequently generating problems even among the very high floors of the Stamford management.

According to Andrew Zarian of the 'Mat Men Podcast' (the same who broke the news of the WWE's return on tour in July), Cena is facing some big problems backstage of the WWE, both with most of the athletes and with the management, to because of his apology to China.

There continue to be problems surrounding John Cena

"These excuses from John Cena are NOT going well for anyone working at WWE right now. Disappointment is the word I have heard most often from several Superstars currently under contract with WWE," explained the podcast host.

According to Zarian, the dominant sentiment among Stamford wrestlers is, in short, that of "disappointment" This is accompanied by the reaction of the WWE's board of directors, which is definitely not positive.

"John Cena's apology annoyed WWE because his partner did not authorize them," Zarian explained. There were external pressures over which they had no control... Many of the rumors from the company's non-executive plans are negative.

The problem was born when John Cena defined Taiwan as "a state" Too bad (if we can say so) that China recognizes this territory as its province. The message of apology from the sixteen-time world champion (also in Chinese) had already triggered some ironic reactions, including that of CM Punk.

The real problems, however, have only now emerged. WWE's franchise player John Cena could be back in action sooner rather than later. The 16-time world champion has transitioned into a part-timer for WWE since 2017 and is focused on his acting career.

However, according to Wrestling Observer (via CSS), WWE is currently planning for Cena to appear on their first show back with live fans. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has held its shows for over a year firstly in an empty Performance Center and later in the WWE ThunderDome with virtual fans.