Is WWE planning another big event on SummerSlam weekend?

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Is WWE planning another big event on SummerSlam weekend?

In recent weeks there has already been a lot of talk about the next big event that WWE will broadcast from the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, or its summer Big Four par excellence: SummerSlam. Although there are still several weeks left, since the PPV will be held on August 21, WWE is said to be working hard to bring more meat to the fire as possible, with a list of "Mega Stars" that could appear at the event, which by now would be internally considered even more important than Wrestlemania, at least this year, given that Summerslam will air just before the company's return to the road after more than a year of shows held indoors and without fans in the arenas.

Apparently, the ideas of the WWE management have not ended there, with a new big event that could soon enter the programming of the Stamford federation, right on the same weekend as Summerslam, since Sunday is now empty, after the announcement that the summer Big Four will air on Saturday and not as usual on the day that closes the week.

SummerSlam Weekend: Will an NXT TakeOver air on Sunday 22 August?

Apparently, again as reported by the highly updated Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, it would appear that WWE is even organizing a big NXT event for the SummerSlam weekend, with a new TakeOver that could go sensationally to close the penultimate week of August, airing exceptionally on Sunday for this time.

Speaking to his latest update, Zarian said: "I can confirm that I have been told that WWE is planning to have an NXT TakeOver presumably in Orlando on August 22nd." At the moment there are no other further details from overseas, but since all the latest rumors have proved to be complete and reliable, as well as 100% real, of what Andrew Zarian reported, we just have to wait for the official WWE statement.

about this other event. In the meantime, let's look forward to what the next NXT event will offer us, which will air next Sunday, with NXT In Your House, where there is already a lot of meat on the fire. WWE President Nick Khan commented on the big development and mentioned the promotion's goal to boost Las Vegas' foot traffic.

"Coming out of the pandemic, it was important to us to have a big event like SummerSlam in Las Vegas. We expect to deliver a great night of sports-entertainment for the people of the city and a boost in foot traffic for the casinos and local businesses," said Nick Khan, WWE President, Chief Revenue Officer and Las Vegas native.