An NXT UK star has nice words for Tegan Nox

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An NXT UK star has nice words for Tegan Nox

Wrestler Tegan Nox, currently under contract with NXT, has been absent from the scene for some time due to yet another injury. Luckily though, even if she can't fight now, she enjoys an excellent reputation among colleagues who never miss the opportunity to point out her skills in the ring and how much she is also a good person on the outside.

working environment. Fans also always support Tegan, making himself heard a lot on social media, like when in the summer of 2020, the girl came out as a person who likes both men and women, also showing the world her girlfriend.

But one person, in particular, made some beautiful statements towards her: we're talking about friend and colleague Mark Andrews, a wrestler who currently works at NXT UK.

Tegan Nox has been absent from the scene for some time

Interviewed by Inside The Ropes journalist Gary Cassidy, Welsh wrestler Mark Andrews spent some beautiful words to describe his relationship with Tegan Nox and the girl's career.

“Tegan is the best. I mean as a person, she was one of my best friends when we were in the Indies.[…] We spent every week together traveling up and down the country. I owe her a lot of driving miles because I didn't pass my license test until years later!

[…] She is a fantastic person, she is excellent support for morale”. Then he continues speaking from a professional point of view: “In the ring, I am looking forward to the WWE Universe being able to see its full potential.

Don't get me wrong, they saw her in the ring. They know you are a great wrestler. But she has not been able to make progress due to all the setbacks, the injuries." And he concludes by talking about the possibility of seeing Tegan with the NXT champion belt at his waist: "I think she will beat me by becoming the first Welsh singles champion because there is no doubt that she will win the NXT women's title."

Sonya Deville, who is recognized as the first female Superstar to come out in the WWE, talked to Tegan Nox even before the NXT Superstar decided to announce her relationship. Deville, as expected, proved to be of big help to Nox as she gave her phone number to the NXT Superstar and was always available for support.

Nox said that she was in regular contact with Sonya Deville and the SmackDown Superstar had a significant role to play in the decision to make the news of her relationship public.