Eric Bischoff doesn't believe he will work in wrestling anymore

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Eric Bischoff doesn't believe he will work in wrestling anymore

A sudden and apparently definitive announcement, even if in wrestling one can never "say never" by definition. Eric Bischoff, however, seems convinced of the fact of him, and in an interview with Joey Karni for 'The Angle Podcast', he stated that he has no intention of ever playing any role in the discipline again.

Making his goodbye to immediate and total wrestling. During the Bischoff podcast, he revealed that for the first time in his long career in the business he no longer has any interest in returning to a full-time position with any wrestling promotion.

And this new sensation may have influenced his brief and unsuccessful spell as executive director of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Bischoff said it's time to quit the industry, both mentally and emotionally. "It's hard to describe," Bischoff admitted trying to explain his decision.

"I've been thinking about it a lot lately. It's definitely interesting because I think I've come to a new reflection in the last six months of my life, or maybe a whole year, maybe even a little longer. The fact is that I finally told myself that I have put this long phase of my life behind me."

Eric Bischoff doesn't believe he will work in wrestling anymore

So Eric Bischoff told his interviewer that he had recently come to this decision, which he hadn't even spoken to anyone publicly yet: "I want to be really honest with you here.

I've never had this conversation on a podcast with anyone. And also. if I have been away from the tour for a while, remember that the last time I was involved full time in wrestling was maybe 6 or 7 years ago. It hasn't happened since 2014 "

Bischoff then explained how he spent the last few years: "I had a little fun. I do a little thing here and a little thing there because the business still interests me a lot. I do my own podcast, which keeps me in touch with the world.

discipline. For about a year, a year and a half, though, I have changed my mind. If someone called me today and said he was offering me a huge check, because he wants me to work full time for him, I would not. And this is the first time.

that this happens in thirty years, or in any case a very long time. I think that moment has arrived, that of mentally and emotionally moving away from wrestling." Eric Bischoff said he recently entered into a merchandising agreement with WWE, indicating that his relationship with the company is still strong.

"I just entered into an agreement of sorts with them. It's not for television, it's basically a merchandising thing. I'm constantly in business with WWE and they know I make appearances in AEW, but I think early on I took the time to do the right thing and place that phone call, out of respect, and I haven't had a question mark since - inducted into the Hall of Fame, after being on AEW," said Bischoff.