Is wrestling fake? CM Punk explains why he now thinks so

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Is wrestling fake? CM Punk explains why he now thinks so
Is wrestling fake? CM Punk explains why he now thinks so

CM Punk seems to have made peace with wrestling, yet he can't enjoy it as much as he used to. And in fact the Straight Edge, in an interview in which he said he was grateful to the discipline, also explains why from his point of view the magic is broken.

So much to induce him to consider wrestling himself a "fake" discipline: a term that a few years ago sent him into a rage. "I look a lot at wrestling these days as if it were a stage show," explained CM Punk in a speech for the 'Wrestling Perspective Podcast'

“There was probably a time when I could have been offended if someone said it, it's like saying it's all fake. Indeed, I will say more. There was probably a time when I got angry if someone called it fake, now I myself call it fake all the time."

Is wrestling fake? CM Punk explains why he now thinks so

Words certainly destined to start a discussion not only among his longtime fans but also all those who care about the discipline and have dedicated a good part of their time to defend their passion from those who cannot understand it.

And certainly a new topic for those who have been fiercely criticizing CM Punk for years, accusing him of ungratefulness among other things. And even the six-time world champion wanted to explain the reason for his new vision of wrestling as "fake".

"People will use the argument that even the films are fake," stressed CM Punk. "Well, my argument is that yes, this is true. But Al Pacino did not go to press conferences or interviews with reporters dressed as Scarface, with the accent of the character of his film and trying to make everyone believe that he was really a Cuban immigrant who built a drug empire." Having said that, however, CM Punk also wanted to point out the difficulties in working in the discipline: "Professional wrestling is a thing in itself.

If you see it as a thing in its own right, that's all. You have to be in front of a camera, many times. It is the shows are live. There is no higher pressure situation than appearing on live TV. Everyone looks at you, your legs are shaking, you do it in your pants.

Because everything that is broadcast live, then lives for always". It has been more than seven years since CM Punk left WWE. Punk has managed to stay relevant all these years later and his opinion still matters to a lot of fans.

The former World Heavyweight Champion occasionally posts tweets that highlight his opinions on WWE's angles and superstars. Punk has been bashed by some fans in the past for being highly critical of WWE, but that isn't always the case.

He gives credit where it's due, and Punk's latest comments about Universal Champion Roman Reigns prove that he doesn't always criticize WWE.

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