The Authors Of Pain send a short message to reassure the fans

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The Authors Of Pain send a short message to reassure the fans

Yesterday we brought you the news of a couple of ex-WWE who retires from the world of pro-wrestling. This couple is the one formed by the former Akam and Rezar better known as AOP, Authors of Pain, who made their way starting from NXT to then arrive in the main roster, also being joined by Murphy and the Messiah, Seth Rollins, in the pre covid period, as his trusted helpers and disciples.

The two athletes then disappeared from the scene following the injury suffered by Rezar during a match and remained inactive until they were fired from the company. A real shame because the stable together with Seth Rollins was really working, it was at the beginning and the four were working very well, inside and outside the ring.

But finally, they shared their status via social media, deciding to respond to the rumors about their retirement that have been a very strong topic of discussion on Twitter throughout the day.

Will we ever see the Authors Of Pain back in the WWE ring again?

As often happens in these cases, when there are more or less important rumors circulating, the protagonists decide to come forward to give their point of view and let their fans know how things really are.

So it was also for the AOP who did not wait and after the rumors about their retirement from pro-wrestling, put around by the well-known site Fightful Select, one of the most reliable, they wrote a tweet that is actually practically a copy-paste with the same photo and same sentence: “We are not done a******s'

The two also received very strong support from the WWE Hall of Famer, who later became their manager at NXT, where the two became champions of the duo, Paul Ellering, who reinforced the concept exposed by the two, almost implying that there could still be a future collaboration between them.

Also note that Akam and Paul still have clear references to the company on their profiles, such as the WWE name in the nickname or descriptions in the biography that seems to speak of still present work. While the AOP has squashed rumors about them retiring, neither man has revealed any further information regarding future plans.

Reports which suggested their in-ring retirement also stated a few wrestlers from a few notable companies made inquiries about bringing in the Authors Of Pain. Apparently, feelers were sent to companies like AEW and NJPW. However, both promotions decided to pass on AOP for the time being.

With WWE gearing up for shows featuring a live audience, the company may be interested in bringing the two behemoths once associated with Seth Rollins back on board.