Braun Strowman posts a photo revealing his new look

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Braun Strowman posts a photo revealing his new look

In recent weeks, WWE has totally shocked its fans by once again releasing a new wave of layoffs, which this time saw the release of some of the company's biggest stars. Among these surely the most sensational name that emerged was that of Braun Strowman who stopped for a few weeks on Monday Night Raw was cut.

According to some rumors, WWE has decided to cut his contract due to the huge salary that in the last year had brought over a million dollars in his pockets, excluding bonuses.

The Monster Among Men posted a photo mere hours ago

Through his official Instagram profile, the now-former WWE star Braun Strowman posted a photo with his new look and everyone caught the particular detail that surprised wrestling fans.

Braun Strowman has been very active on social since the first day of release and showed up with a new look, cutting his beard. Braun Strowman joined the WWE main roster in 2015 and joined the company as a new member of the Wyatt Family and his great presence and his particular look have transformed him into one of the biggest attractions of the WWE.

He entered the Main Roster in 2017 when he had a Feud with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and The Monster Among Us defeated in their title match at No Mercy 2017 and there was some time to get back into the match. . Braun Strowman's last match saw him star in the WWE Championship match against champion Bobby Lashley and Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre.

As reported by PWInsider, several independent companies immediately set in motion their scouts for Braun Strowman but it seems that the wrestler is asking absurd figures, even on the five figures, a price considered out of the market by all those who have asked for information for the former wrestler.

Braun Strowman was promoted to the main roster in August 2015 as the newest member of The Wyatt Family. Strowman's large form and intimidating presence quickly turned him into one of the biggest attractions in WWE. He was pushed as a main event star in 2017 when he feuded with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Braun lost to The Beast in their Universal title match at No Mercy 2017 and it took a while for him to recover from the loss. Braun Strowman went on to defeat WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg for the Universal title at WrestleMania 36 last year.

Unfortunately, Strowman's WWE run has come to an abrupt end and there's no concrete update yet about a potential jump elsewhere. Strowman is reportedly charging a hefty sum for post-WWE independent bookings.