WWE hopes The Rock can make an appearance at...

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WWE hopes The Rock can make an appearance at...

One of the most important names in the history of WWE and pro-wrestling, in general, is certainly that of Dwayne Johnson, better known to most as The Rock. Nowadays, the former WWE ring athlete is the highest-paid actor in recent years in all of Hollywood, as he takes part in dozens of movies, TV series, cinema-related projects and more every year, filling his days as only a star of his caliber could do.

After building a huge career in the pro-wrestling rings, The Rock has also managed to break through in a decidedly important way on the big screen, now also moving into the world of politics, where he would even like to run for the position of President of the United States in a few years, as reported by various sources close to him.

Despite the multiple commitments that clog the Hollywood actor's agenda, it seems WWE is pushing to have him in at least one other big match this year, or at least some segments, where The Rock would return to show up in front of the cameras.

of the McMahon family, which made him famous over 20 years ago and to which he is always very close.

Latest update on The Rock

According to what was reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a very famous source of overseas updates, it seems that WWE may have caught sight of the company's latest Big Four of the year, as a possible return date on The Rock scenes.

On this occasion, given Rocky's less busy agenda, there could even be a match with the wrestler and actor on stage, in the Stamford federation's rings, with the Observer journalists, who in fact reported: "The hope is that Dwayne Johnson will be able to make an appearance on the show (Survivor Series ed), but that has not yet been confirmed, but the hope is that he will be free by that date.

If he were to get involved, it would all become a huge show and would obviously be the prelude to the Reigns vs Johnson match, which would come to Wrestlemania." The biggest plans WWE would be preparing for the next edition of Wrestlemania, or number 38, are the very ones that would lead to the long-awaited challenge between The Rock and its younger cousin, the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns.

Already a few years ago, Rocky was called by the WWE to crown his relative, after his victory in the Royal Rumble in 2015. In that case, however, the fans were literally annoyed by the presence of the athlete of Samoan origin, who had been deliberately placed there by the McMahons to try to send over the cousin, in a decidedly ineffective way.