WWE legend Sean Waltman would like to end his retirement

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WWE legend Sean Waltman would like to end his retirement

The history of WWE, especially the recent one, is full of moments in which several legendary athletes broke their retirement, returning to tread the rings of the McMahon family-owned federation, for one last great match or even for a series of matches, only to return then in the own "retirement" In recent years, there have also been several withdrawals due to medical problems, such as that of Paige, Daniel Bryan or that of Edge, with Paige's two male colleagues who have managed to put their physical problems behind them, also quite similar to each other, returning to tread for their happiness and especially for that of us fans, the rings that had made them famous all over the world.

Even among the various Hall of Famers of the company there have been some athletes who have broken their pact not to return to fight in a ring, such as Shawn Michaels, who returned a few years ago to defend his brotherly friend Triple H, in a couple match in Saudi Arabia, where the two went to battle with two historical opponents of the couple: Kane & The Undertaker.

During the latest episode of Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 podcast, former WWE European Champion Sean Waltman discussed why he did not want to win the WWE Lightweight Championship back in the day and why he did not want himself to get pigeon-holed in the WWE Light division.

After being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame of the McMahon-owned company twice, once with the D-Generation X and once with the NWO, Sean Waltman, also known by the pseudonym of X-Pac, is said to have revealed to the microphones of his last interview that would be considering the idea of ​​returning to fight even just for a match, against some athletes on the WWE launch pad.

Sean Waltman is currently working on the Independent scene

Interviewed by the microphones of the Cultaholic Desert Island Graps show, Sean Waltman said: "I wouldn't be able to choose just one person. But even though all those guys are great, I'd pick Escobar first.

He is a real star. El Hijo del Phantom was already a star before he came to WWE, right? He has made a name for himself. Now he's standing there fighting in WWE and I would really like to have a match with him, be it my last match, that would be great.

I don't want to have one of the guys in the main event against, but someone like him. I don't want it to be like against Randy Orton or this and that. I wish it were someone to help, to build something out of it. Randy Orton wouldn't do anything to fight my last match."