Drew McIntyre discusses his WrestleMania experience

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Drew McIntyre discusses his WrestleMania experience

Over the past twelve months in a far from simple context and with the company grappling with the pandemic Drew McIntyre has been one of WWE's best stars. His reign as WWE Champion seemed like a breath of fresh air for WWE but at the same time, it was really sad for The Scottish Psychopath who failed to lift the WWE Champion title in front of a live crowd.

Drew McIntyre became champion at WrestleMania 36 against Brock Lesnar and after a long reign he lost the title, at Wrestlemania 37 he opened the show in the first of the two nights but was defeated by Bobby Lashley who managed to keep the title by winning by doing pass out Drew with Hurt Lock.

Drew McIntyre talks about WrestleMania

During the Car con Carne podcast, the wrestler wanted to deepen his experience at WrestleMania. Here are his words: "In the past when I was at Wrestlemania, I was live in front of the fans as I walked in and went out of my way to savor every second of my entrance.

Even today I can close my eyes and imagine everything, I walk there flowers and look at the crowd and people even in tears. I was the first wrestler to come in and see everyone's face after a year without an audience and I must say I almost got tears."

It was recently announced now that WWE will be back on tour from July 16th and there will be a return of live fans. This date could be an opportunity for WWE to launch several large and highly anticipated returns to the company.

Finally, Drew McIntyre could now again have a big event in front of the public where maybe he could win and who knows maybe show up with the WWE Champion in his pocket given the upcoming match valid for the WWE Championship that he will have against Bobby Lashley in Hell in A Cell and that he will see perhaps the last chance for the British-born wrestler.

It was decided last week that Drew McIntyre would challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. The Scottish Warrior defeated Kofi Kingston to once again become the No.1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

It was announced later that week that there would be a contract signing for the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW. That contract signing has come and gone, and there are some interesting points to take away from it. First, the All Mighty Bobby Lashley expressed his concern regarding the fact that Drew McIntyre has received championship opportunity after championship opportunity.