*Spoiler* Otis radically changes his look on SmackDown


*Spoiler* Otis radically changes his look on SmackDown

In recent years, one of the nicest protagonists of the WWE rings has been Otis, winner of the last edition of WWE's Money in the Bank, held in part by the Titan Towers in the federation based out of Stamford, right in the headquarters of the McMahon company, where a triumphing in the female MITB of the same name was Asuka.

If the Japanese also managed to fulfill her dream of returning to women's champion of the red brand, given that the match was actually valid just to crown the new champion of the WWE flag show, given the absence of a pregnant Becky Lynch, as for Otis, on the other hand, the chubby one from SmackDown, the dream was soon shattered.

It was the company's Awesome One, The Miz, who snatched the briefcase of Money in the Bank from him, who conquered yet another briefcase by defeating Otis in a special match in last year's edition of ppv, Hell in a Cell.

Otis and Mandy Rose's romance was well received by the WWE Universe

After doing his sensational turn heel alongside Chad Gable, when he went to unscrupulously attack the father and son couple, the Mysterios, Otis would now also take on a new look to look even more evil, going to cut his now a very long beard, which had been his trademark for years.

Since he made his debut in the WWE rings, in fact, Otis has never had a clean face, choosing by mutual agreement with the company of McMahons, to stage a long beard, in the style of Wyatt Family. During tonight's episode, Otis instead surprised everyone, showing up in front of the cameras of Friday Night SmackDown almost totally beardless, making facial features appear that the fans had never actually even seen, thus leaving them quite shocked.

After attacking Angelo Dawkins in an always devious way, in a match against his teammate, Chad Gable, Otis has in fact presented himself at ringside, leaving everyone with eyes wide open. Otis and Mandy Rose's romance was well received by the WWE Universe throughout 2020.

The angle saw the SmackDown Mystery Hacker revealing footage that showed Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler plotting to keep Mandy away from Otis. It led to Mandy turning on Ziggler and helping Otis defeat him at WrestleMania 36.

Mandy Rose and Otis instantly became a popular on-screen couple. Things only got better for Otis further as he won the 2020 Men's Money In The Bank Ladder match at the namesake event.

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