*Spoiler* WWE blatantly misses graphics on SmackDown

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*Spoiler* WWE blatantly misses graphics on SmackDown

In the last episode of WWE SmackDown, which aired tonight, the Stamford-based federation carried out several of its storylines, in view of Hell in a Cell and especially in view of Summerslam, two of the next PPV of the federation, with one that is definitely more important than the other events, being the next Big Four that will see the McMahons commit themselves as never before this year.

After the return of the live audience, in fact, Summerslam should be the real big event where the WWE should go to give its best to the fans, with this year's edition of the most important ppv of the summer, which seems it will have to be even more important than Wrestlemania, where the public had returned only one night only, waiting for the final reinstatement of the same, which will arrive on July 16th.

WWE blatantly misses graphics on SmackDown

During the episode of this Friday's SmackDown, the WWE technical department most likely had some recall from Vince McMahon, after having blatantly mistaken the entry on the scene of the former world champion, Bayley, who had gone to present the umpteenth episode of his Ding Dong Hello, with a very special guest this time: Seth Rollins.

The problem, however, came when the WWE broadcast the presentation of the girl, with the usual name that appears under the face of the protagonist in question and in this case, instead of Bayley, an improbable "WWE Champion came out of the graphics.

Brock Lesnar," which made fans roll their eyes, live from home. Obviously the graphics lasted a fraction of a second, given that the WWE IT department immediately noticed what had happened, but the most attentive fans immediately realized it and also shot a short video of it, then posted on social media.

The doubt, however, has now been raised: is it a simple mistake or a clue/spoiler about what will happen soon? Seeing as such mistakes usually only happen with the staff that WWE has at the moment and not with released characters? There have been rumors recently about WWE planning Brock Lesnar's return for this year's SummerSlam, possibly in a dream match against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

However, recent reports have stated that the Beast Incarnate is not currently on the card for SummerSlam 2021. On the latest edition of The Mat Men Podcast, the reliable Andrew Zarian, provided an update on Brock Lesnar's current status for WWE SummerSlam.