Commander Azeez to debut on SmackDown soon

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Commander Azeez to debut on SmackDown soon

During the last edition of Wrestlemania, number 37, a new character on the WWE rings namely Commander Azeez surprised fans. Azeez is someone who McMahons wanted to work alongside Apollo Crews, the Intercontinental champion of Friday Night SmackDown, which for months has been doing the good and the bad weather of the secondary titled category of the Friday night show.

After spending months under the alias Dabba-Kato, especially seen in the Raw Underground ring, alongside Shane McMahon, when the particular segment of the red show was still airing before being canceled, WWE finally decided to donate.

to the wrestler a very different character and gimmick, dressing him as a military man and sending him to the side of the Nigerian-born athlete, Apollo Crews. For several weeks, therefore, Azeez has been supporting Apollo, defending him from any kind of attack, as any good bodyguard would do, as his Raw counterpart, Omos, is doing with his partner AJ Styles.

Until now, however, Azeez has never taken part in an official match in the WWE rings, at least not with the new character and not in a "legal" way.

Commander Azeez will debut on SmackDown soon

As the WWE wanted to formalize in the last episode of SmackDown aired in the night, the official arrival of Commander Azeez in the ring is scheduled for the next episode of the blue show, in his first real match.

In the contest that will see Azeez's in-ring debut, the couple formed by him and the Intercontinental champion Apollo Crews will challenge the team formed by Big E and Kevin Owens in a tag team match. After weeks of squabbling, quarrels and matches against each other, with Kevin Owens, Big E, but also Sami Zayn, who have tried in vain to get their hands on the Intercontinental title, now there will be the sensational face to face, which will also see Commander Azeez take the field, for the first time since he is no longer called Dabba-Kato and above all not in a very particular context like that of Raw Underground.

It was the penultimate episode of SmackDown to WWE Hell in a Cell 2021, and a lot happened to build hype to the pay-per-view. The central storyline, of course, was around Roman Reigns, who had tension with Jey Uso and beef to settle with Rey Mysterio.

Other than that, we've seen a lot of development on this week's show, and there's little doubt as to which brand has done better in the build heading into Hell in a Cell 2021. One more Hell in a Cell match was more or less made official, and it will either be the opening match or the main event.