Meiko Satomura reveals who she would like to challenge

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Meiko Satomura reveals who she would like to challenge

She who was called The Final Boss on her NXT UK climb to the women's title is now truly unstoppable. Meiko Satomura, a legend of wrestling in Japan, has recently defeated Kay Lee Rae in a textbook match. In fact, the two clashed during the latest episode of NXT UK, which aired on 10 June, to decide who was the most dominant woman in the women's division of the yellow-black brand in the UK.

The winner was Meiko who snatched the belt from Kay after 649 days of reign, a real record for the Scotswoman, who even without gold in her life earned the respect of her opponent who defined her "a real champion"

Meiko, however, now obviously does not want to stop here, on the contrary, in a backstage interview after the victory she invited all the women of the locker room to come under and apparently, a few hours before becoming champion, she also made three important names for the WWE which are his dream matches.

Meiko Satomura went on to win the gauntlet eliminator match

Speaking with Alistar McGeorge of the Metro site, the Japanese wrestler fantasized about her personal WWE dream matches, naming three athletes who are on the rosters of NXT, SmackDown and Raw.

"I want to defeat Kay Lee Ray first," which she did later, "But then, I Shirai, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair." The names Meiko Satomura made are three of the strongest women, not only in WWE but in the entire world of women's wrestling.

Io Shirai is the former NXT champion with immense talent, Sasha Banks has been champion several times and among other things, she trained with Meiko in Japan during her break in 2019 and then we have Charlotte Flair, the female athlete most decorated in WWE.

To quote a well-known meme that never goes out of style: shut up and take my money! During her appearance on Broken Skull sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin earlier this year, former SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks spoke about the time she spent training with Meiko Satomura in Japan, saying: "Before WWE, my biggest dream was to be in Japan, but WWE called me first.

So when I took my little break, I was like, I am gonna do everything that makes me happy, and I missed wrestling so much. I was like, I'm gonna go to Japan. I sent a little DM to [Meiko] Satomura, I'm like 'Can I train with you?' and she goes 'Yeah, when?', I go 'Maybe next week', 'Yeah Sure', I go 'Okay!'

I'm like I just gotta go just for my own soul and just be brave 'cause I wasn't even sure what WWE was gonna say about it. But I was just like, it was for me, I had to do it for me."