*Spoiler* The Roman Reigns saga has taken an intriguing turn

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*Spoiler* The Roman Reigns saga has taken an intriguing turn

The episode opens with Roman Reigns who, backstage, tries to make Jey Uso reflect on how much he and his brother Jimmy have embarrassed their family. - Jimmy Uso reaches the ring! The "good'' half of the Samoan tag team is angry at how cousin Roman Reigns caused Usos to lose last week's titled match through disqualification, then he says he is convinced that the Universal Champion is really just jealous, as he could bring honor to the family as much as the Tribal Chief.

Jimmy concludes by saying that he and his brother will stick together and that he will do something he will not regret. Backstage Jey Uso walks away and leaves Roman Reigns upset. Shortly after the Usos meet and Jimmy tells his brother that he is everything to him, while Roman treats him only as a tool.

Jey doesn't take it well and raises his voice, but Jimmy simply tells him that he knows where to find it, leaving him thoughtful.

Roman Reigns assaulted Rey's son on last week's show

Roman Reigns couldn't accept the challenge, as a brawl immediately broke out between him and The Mysterios.

The Universal Champion eventually stood tall at the end of the show. However, it's likely the father-and-son duo won't hold back against The Tribal Chief next week. Meanwhile, the Anoa'i family conflict developed in a series of well-acted segments this week.

Jey Uso reached his breaking point and couldn't pick a side between his twin brother, Jimmy, and his cousin, Reigns. Tag Team Time, playa - Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn vs Big E & Kevin Owens. In the final Big E and Crews fly out of the ring after a Clothesline of the former Langston, while on the square Zayn tries the Helluva Kick, but KO moves and ...

STUNNER! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Victory for the faces. After the match Apollo takes the microphone and asks for a rematch, pointing out that he was not pinned, so he will change tag team partner ... COMMANDER AZEEZ! Owens and Big E accept, thus officially sanctioning the Commander's first match, while Zayn complains and takes a Nigerian Nail deep in his throat.

Rightly. In the next episode, Kevin Owens and Big E will fight Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez in a tag team match. While the 6ft 9in tall bodyguard has previously wrestled under different names like Dabba-Kato and Babatunde, he will be making his in-ring debut as Commander Azeez this time around.