*Spoiler* SmackDown: Bayley and Seth Rollins poked fun at each other's current rivals

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*Spoiler* SmackDown: Bayley and Seth Rollins poked fun at each other's current rivals

Backstage Chad Gable apologizes to the Street Profits for Otis's behavior last week and tells the two that their tag team match is canceled, but then invites one of them to a single match against him. The Profits are both interested in the proposal but, in the end, it will be Montez Ford who will fight.

- Still behind the scenes Roman Reigns asks Jey Uso where his brother is and his cousin replies what Jimmy told him, that is, "If you look for me you know where to find me." The Tribal Chief seems to have understood and sets out to search.

Carmella vs Liv Morgan. In the end, Mella tries a Superkick, but Liv avoids and ... ObLIVion! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! After the match, Carmella approaches Greg Hamilton and advises him on how to announce everything. Hamilton confirms that Morgan is the winner, but Carmella retains the title of the most beautiful woman in the WWE.

Ding Dong Hello! The banner tells us that the presenter will be WWE Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, but strangely it is the usual Bayley. Dear WWE, given the wave of layoffs and changes, if you want to hire whoever manages the #OpenWrestlingTV graphics instead of the guy who made the bullshit, you know where to find me.

Bayley and Seth Rollins have lately stuck out as two similar types of antagonists on WWE SmackDown. So it was a bizarre experience to see Rollins being featured in the same segment as Bayley this week.

SmackDown: Bayley and Seth Rollins poke fun at each other's current rivals

The host of the talk show on SmackDown, however, is Seth Rollins!

The two seem to get along very well and have big laughs watching first Bayley's laugh in the ThunderDome and then Rollins' attack on Cesaro. After the videos, however, someone knocks on the door and Seth goes to open it, immediately taking a punch in the nose.

It's CESARO! The Swiss Superman attacks the Messiah, destroying the script of the program and leaving the opponent literally in his underwear. Bayley trying to fix everything makes me almost tenderness, but it's not over.

BIANCA BELAIR ARRIVES! The champion stops on the stage and laughs, while the Role Model in the ring seems quite demoralized. Revenge accomplished. - Backstage Rey Mysterio, on the microphone of Megan Morant, expresses all his sorrow for not being able to defend his son Dominik from Roman Reigns attack last week and says that tonight he will show Roman Reigns what the word family means.