*Spoiler* Corbin and Nakamura fought in another singles match

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*Spoiler* Corbin and Nakamura fought in another singles match

Chad Gable vs Montez Ford. Nice match, even if penalized by the storyline and the position on the card. During the fight a beardless Otis attacks Angelo Dawkins backstage, leaving him on the ground in pain, while in the ring ...

FROM THE HEAVEN OF FORD! .. 1 .... 2 ... NO! Gable leaves the count and Otis decides to intervene, attacking Ford and triggering the disqualification for his ally. DISQUALIFICATION! At the end of the match Otis, who seems to be Andy from ''Life according to Jim'', is more aggressive than ever, hurls Ford everywhere and also gets rid of Angelo Dawkins, who has arrived to help his friend.

It all ends with a former Heavy Machinery Vader Bomb on Montez. - Shinsuke Nakamura vs King Corbin. There's the victory of Nakamura through Roll Up and besides the damage, the insult. In the post-match Corbin lands Rick Boogs and takes back the crown, but Shinsuke steals it from him and the rocker hurls Corbin at the comment table.

In short, the King Of Strong Style confirms itself as the true King, if that crown is worth something.

King Corbin once again failed in his efforts to recapture his crown

After the match, King Corbin once again failed in his efforts to recapture his crown.

Frustrated with the duo of Boogs and Nakamura, the self-proclaimed king approached Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce to seek a resolution. Pearce announced a "Battle for the Crown" match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Corbin for next week's episode, as both of them hold two victories over each other at the moment.

Backstage King Corbin complains to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, so the two propose a match with the crown up for grabs. But really? The soap opera continues Mexico vs Samoa - We stay behind the scenes, where Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso start yelling at each other, but Jey leaves nervously.

Roman then takes control of the situation and tries to make his point of view understood, relying on the fact that Jey understands this and that the family must stay together. Then, Rey Mysterio gets on the square! The Elf of San Diego calls Roman Reigns into the ring, who is not long in coming.

The Mexican says he recognizes Reigns, yes, he recognizes him as the big bast that he is, then challenges him to a Hell In A Cell match at the next PPV. Roman replies that he recognizes Rey as a father, but ... MYSTERIO ATTACKS HIM IMMEDIATELY WITH THE KENDO STICK!

Reigns reacts and ... SUPERMAN PUNCH! The Tribal Chief prepares for the Spear, but ... DOMINIK ATTACKS HIM WITH THE CUE! Roman, however, turns the situation around once again and Dom ends up with a very powerful Powerbomb.