WWE legend pays tribute to R-Truth

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WWE legend pays tribute to R-Truth

One of the most hilarious characters on the WWE rosters right now is undoubtedly former WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. The now 52-time green-gold champion of the Stamford-based federation, who in his career has also won several other titles in WWE and in the independent federations, including NWA and TNA, wanted to take the risk of appearing in one of the recent episodes of Monday.

Night Raw, going to lose once again his "child", who has now won and lost several times and very often against the Japanese who is now the official holder of the aforementioned WWE championship: Akira Tozawa. Thanks also to his personal social networks, R-Truth has managed to create a truly hilarious comedy character, which has captivated and still captivates fans of the WWE Universe, with fans who stay for hours to see the videos that Truth posts, the which have neither head nor tail, but which still make you laugh with laughter.

The Rock praises R-Truth

After posting his latest hilarious video, R-Truth also saw the legendary The Rock intervene to comment on his performance, with the former multi-champion of the Stamford company saying: "A man of many talents !!

Friend, champion, future WWE Hall of Famer and a lover of the Teremana" Obviously, the "hustler" to his tequila had to be there, with The Rok not shy away from pointing out how R-Truth used his tequila as the basis for his latest funny video, with the legendary Hollywood athlete and actor having made great compliments to the WWE athlete, calling him a great friend, champion and even a certain McMahon family Ark of Glory Hall of Famer in the future.

After such a large number of 24/7 Championship titles won, it is also sacrosanct that R-Truth enters the WWE HOF by right, not so much for the number of belts it had, but for the importance that his character has had. in a period of such a difficult pandemic, which has managed to cheer up with truly unreal and hilarious comedy segments, for the whole world.

R-Truth had an epic reaction to Roman Reigns mistakenly addressing Jey Uso as his brother, Jimmy, on last week's SmackDown. The Usos took on Rey and Dominik Mysterio for the SmackDown Tag Team titles on the previous edition of the blue brand.

The contest ended when Dominik rolled Jimmy for the win. However, the replay showed that the latter managed to raise his shoulder during the three-count.