CM Punk reveals his thoughts on Roman Reigns

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CM Punk reveals his thoughts on Roman Reigns

Interviewed as a special guest on the 'Wrestling Perspective Podcast', CM Punk talked about Roman Reigns and his current experience as a WWE Universal Champion. And according to the Chicago athlete, the Tribal Chief is the most the Stamford federation currently has.

But there is also a dig at Vince McMahon's company. Punk praised Reigns, saying he currently considers him the best wrestler in the WWE, even though WWE has taken too long to understand his true potential. Simple, organic stories, according to the Straight Edge, are the best in wrestling.

And that's why Roman Reigns is having all this success right now. "A lot of times the best things just have to flow naturally," Punk said. “I'll use Roman Reigns as an example. Because if we're talking about good things, if WWE does something good, the really far better thing they're doing right now is Roman Reigns.

His work on the character, his activity in the ring, it's all fantastic."

CM Punk talks about Roman Reigns

But there is a critique of CM Punk of WWE: "But I have the impression that this is the classic WWE situation.

I'm always 5 years late, sometimes even 10 years. This is something they should have done since. start, because they tried very hard to propose this boy as a dominant babyface. They also gave him an x ‚Äč‚Äčnumber of WrestleMania main events, saying that he is The Guy.

But the real The Guy is now, and not had never really hit its peak until now." CM Punk went even further and kept talking about Roman Reigns and the Samoan's efforts during the first phase of his WWE experience. He then explained that the former Aries of the Shield would have to experience the ups and downs that wrestling presents much earlier, to get to this point in his career earlier.

"Maybe he needed that kind of hardship and setbacks to finally be this guy. But that's the one thing they're doing right in WWE," Punk said. "What can you say bad about what Roman Reigns is doing right now? He's by far the best guy they have.

When you talk about storylines, work in the ring and all those things, right now he's the complete package. For the first time in his career, and I'm not bad to Roman Reigns, I feel like he's finally where they pushed him to be.

It only took a minute." It has been over seven years since former WWE Champion CM Punk last wrestled in the 2014 Royal Rumble match before his controversial exit from the company. Yet, Punk's in-ring return remains a major topic of discussion among fans to this day.

There have been several speculations and fantasy bookings on who could be the opponent if he returns to WWE. During a recent interview with Uproxx, CM Punk spoke about a potential return to pro wrestling. While The Straight Edge Superstar claimed that it's not his world anymore, he also mentioned that the right combination could be figured out for him to get interested in a return.