WWE announces one of the most important matches at Hell in a Cell

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WWE announces one of the most important matches at Hell in a Cell

The next ppv of the WWE main roster is now one step away, in fact, there's less than a week left, before Hell in a Cell goes on stage, with its infernal cages and with its expected matches for several weeks. One of the most important storylines that the federation has been staging for several months now, is the one that sees the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns, already a universal champion for a little less than a year as the protagonist, who in Hell in a Cell will have a challenge never seen before, for him and his team.

After what happened in the last two episodes of Smackdown, where in the last one Reigns had unscrupulously attacked the two athletes of Mexican origins, Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik and after this week's episode, where the two couple champions have revolted on the absolute champion, attacking him with a kendo stick, the dispute emerged where the two will finally arrive face to face, inside one of the Hell in a Cell ready for the homonymous ppv.

Latest update on Hell in a Cell

After the final episode of Smackdown, where Roman Reigns not only managed to defend himself from the multiple attacks of Rey and Dominik Mysterio with a lot of kendo sticks, but he even managed to hit them in a devastating way, complete with Dominik's launch with a powerbomb outside the ring, it seemed clear to everyone how the two would have a match in Hell in a Cell, but for the company of Stamford, the official was not yet there.

This confirmation, however, came to Talking Smack, a secondary broadcast of the Stamford company, where all the storylines and the most important events of the weekly episode of the blue show are analyzed every week and in which Roman Reigns' adviser Paul Heyman also takes part.

With an announcement that did not, therefore, leave fans of the WWE Universe surprised, WWE wanted to insert another great contest in the next ppv of June, which will follow the NXT TakeOver: In Your House by only one week, which will go airing tonight.

Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio will therefore face each other for the first time in their careers in a Hell in a Cell match, valid for the Universal title at the moment still firmly on the side of Smackdown's Tribal Chief.

Heading into the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Roman Reigns is once against set for a match inside the demonic Hell in a Cell structure. This year, he will face Rey Mysterio in the match after he attacked Dominik and punished the young wrestler during their tag team title match against The Usos.

Mysterio had enough of Reigns' interference and on this week's episode of SmackDown, attacked the star with a kendo stick, while demanding a match against him inside the Hell in a Cell structure. Reigns accepted the challenge, and the two stars are set to face each other at the event.