Is Molly Holly returning to WWE?

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Is Molly Holly returning to WWE?
Is Molly Holly returning to WWE?

What an extraordinary year former women's champion and recent Hall of Famer Molly Holly had. Molly Holly is one of those athletes who has always been a bit sidelined, but who has actually been able to inspire future generations of female wrestlers that we see today fighting every week.

Not only did she have excellent skills in the ring, but she was also a good person who always supported all of her, even paid for a wrestling school in Beth Phoenix, believing in her forever. But it is also appropriate to say that Mighty Molly was really mighty in every sense because she was a very hard worker who even after an evening spent in the ring, stopped to help the insiders to chat and get to know them better.

Now, however, it seems that she has totally gone over to their side, because hanging her boots, more or less, if we exclude the Royal Rumble, the woman seems to have found a place in WWE.

Molly Holly is greatly respected by the women on the WWE roster

Given the numerous layoffs that the McMahon company has decided to implement, certainly, the backstage staff has been drastically reduced and there is also a need for a change of guard if you want to offer a product that is always new and that appeals to the public.

And this is where Molly Holly comes into play, because in fact, according to what is reported by the Instagram profile Female Locker Room, supported by one of the official sources of the wrestler,, the woman has been on trial for some time for a backstage role.

A photo of her was also posted showing her backstage on Raw a few weeks ago, with her sitting in an armchair, with headphones on, elegantly dressed smiling at whoever is taking the picture. If Molly were to get this job it would be a very important turning point for women's wrestling, which has already had a shock with the announcement of the hiring of four women in the creative team, two confirmed via social on their personal profiles.

With her being backstage tonight at RAW for a producer tryout, the WWE Universe shouldn't expect to see Molly Holly tonight on the show. The producer's role generally doesn't translate to a lot of screen time, and when it does, it's usually reserved for being part of a crew to pull wrestlers apart who are brawling with each other backstage.

Everyone here at Sportskeeda wishes Molly Holly the best of luck with her producer tryout tonight with WWE. Hopefully, this is the start of a new chapter in Holly's professional wrestling career.

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