When will WWE return to Saudi Arabia?

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When will WWE return to Saudi Arabia?

During this tragic period of world pandemic, WWE like all the other major pro-wrestling companies of the globe, sadly remained with their hands tied, with all the events being broadcast from every remotest cave in the world, which due to of covid-19 have unfortunately remained in a corner waiting for the pandemic to pass.

Among the many projects that had seen WWE as a protagonist in recent years, there was one that had left the fans half happy, between those who were happy to see WWE hold shows in Saudi Arabia and those who instead would have avoided everything like the plague.

what the federation brought to the stage for the Saudi principality of the homonymous country. The main criticisms leveled at the McMahon federation, in fact, were those aimed at its famous and so-called "part-timers", or those characters who, given their age, fight only a few times a year and who then systematically arrive in a very important of the WWE Arab PPVs, also thanks to the millions dropped by the principality.

The last to create scandal was Bill Goldberg, who had gone to snatch the belt of Universal champion at the WWE Fiend, in the last event held in Saudi soil.

Could WWE return to Saudi Arabia this November?

According to what is reported with certainty by the Twitter account of the Wrestling Club, a well-known Arab portal in which we talk about pro-wrestling and especially WWE, which already in the past had leaked some important news about the WWE and its passage to Saudi Arabia, it would seem that the date that is being discussed between the Arab principality and the WWE is a day in the month of November, which will therefore coincide with the return of an all-Arab WWE ppv, with the various Crown Jewel and Super ShowDown, which should therefore return to come to life in an unspecified town in the eastern country.

As revealed in one of the last tweets of this account, obviously translated from Arabic to English, we learn that: "The Entertainment Authority initially chose November to hold the next wrestling shows in Saudi Arabia." With a further tweet, the same account confirmed how the WWE will return to Saudi Arabia, thus following the contract signed with the principality of the country between the McMahons and the maximum head of the Arab authorities, but at the moment no date would have been formalized yet for that event.