New details on where and how Edge could return

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New details on where and how Edge could return

One of the protagonists of Wrestlemania 37 as well as of all the famous Road to Wrestlemania, which has now been missing from the Stamford company rings for months is Edge, the Rated R Superstar sensationally back to fight in last year's Royal Rumble fans were now convinced that they could no longer see him on a pro-wrestling square.

After a literally miraculous return to the scene, the WWE Hall of Famer of the McMahon-owned company had managed to achieve the victory of the same Rumble in this year's edition, then going to challenge the Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns, in a challenge that soon turned into a triple threat match, thanks to Daniel Bryan's meddling in the Wrestlemania contest.

After the double defeat at the hands of Reigns, who had managed to pin both Bryan and Edge simultaneously in the main event of the Showcase of the Immortals, of the Rated R Superstar, there was no more news or appearance on the WWE TV screens, with his contract signed with the McMahons, who obviously did his job and gave the athlete space and rest.

Will Edge go back from babyface to Smackdown?

Recently, the initial news about Edge's return to the WWE rings has emerged online, after two months of total silence towards him. Thanks to the return on the road of the Stamford company, which from July 16 will return to travel to the United States, bringing back its shows in front of an audience packed with fans, most likely many will return to tread the rings of the McMahon company.

famous and high-sounding names of the company, such as those of John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Edge himself. According to what was reported recently by the well-known journalist Jon Alba, it would seem that WWE already has a draft of plans to bring Edge back to its rings, with the well-known overseas journalist who in fact stated: "As reported by the LTG podcast Patreon this week Edge is currently in WWE pencil drafts for Summerslam's card, as a babyface and on the side of Smackdown.

At the moment it seems that the plans are these. "In the next few days, therefore, we could see the return of Edge to the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, with the Rated R Superstar who does not yet have a pre-established opponent for the summer event par excellence, but who could still meet him on his way, which goes from now to the next Big Four of the company.

Now it will be necessary to see what kind of plans the Stamford-based federation has for him, whether to continue that feud with Roman Reigns abruptly interrupted at Wrestlemania 37 or whether a new opponent on the blue side of the company will appear on the horizon, like a Seth Rollins or some other great face of the company, at the moment absolutely heel.