Tony Khan responds to some statements from Triple H

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Tony Khan responds to some statements from Triple H

Two days ago we brought you the news that, during a press conference, Triple H had made some controversial statements about women's wrestling. In particular, he had commented on the decision of the NWA to create an all-female PPV stating that "equality is not having your own show" and that the best women in wrestling are in WWE.

Obviously among fans, other companies and female wrestlers, a great controversy has arisen that you can also find analyzed in a live of the Women’s Wrestling Planet recoverable on the Twitch channel of OpenWrestlingTV.

Eventually AEW President Tony Khan also wanted to speak out about him, responding to the words of the King of Kings. During an episode of Busted Open Radio, Tony Khan expressed his opinion on Triple H's statements during the NXT TakeOver: In Your House press conference.

Tony Khan gives his opinion on Triple H's statements

He said, “I think, in my opinion, we already have the best roster in wrestling. I don't think there's anything wrong with anyone building their roster and having good feelings about the people they work with.

I don't think there's anything wrong with saying you think you have the best show or the best company. People were offended when Triple H said 'everyone wants to work here' People have confused the two. If you mean 'I think my show and product is the best', there's nothing wrong with that.

You should feel that way. When you say 'everyone of any value wants to work here', that's not true. There are many people who work for AEW who have no interest in working there. Britt Baker made it very clear yesterday with her tweet."

Needless to say, Triple H obviously wanted to reply to words spoken by Tony Khan, but certainly he was wrong to use certain words to express the concept. Kross appeared on the latest episode of Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast to talk about his career in the wrestling business.

Discussing the immediate aftermath of his shoulder injury, he said NXT founder Triple H looked like he had witnessed a car crash. “Once the show was over and the cameras were off, I was like, ‘I wonder how bad it is,’” Kross said.

“And Hunter [Triple H] is walking down the stage towards me, and the look on his face, it was like he just saw a guy get hit by a car and explode. You think crazy things at that moment. You don’t wanna let it [the NXT Championship] go, and then we just kind of entered the recovery”.