Marvel pays tribute to Becky Lynch

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Marvel pays tribute to Becky Lynch

The juxtaposition of the name Becky Lynch to the world of Marvel is by no means new, in fact, in 2020 there were various rumors about her possible arrival at the cinema in a film by the well-known superhero-themed production house.

Becky, after appearing in the Showtime TV series "Billions" had made it known during an interview that she had studied acting in the past and that in fact during the pandemic she had had the opportunity to take further lessons online to improve even in the promos in WWE.

Recall that the Irishman is also very close to John Cena, who had invited her and her boyfriend Seth Rollins, to the premiere of the film "Dolittle" on 11 January 2020.

Which brand should Becky Lynch ideally return to?

For some time now she has also become a huge inspiration for everyone in any field of life and this time inspired the drawing in a Marvel comic.

Writer Jason Aaron revealed on his personal blog that in Heroes Reborn comic number 6 there is a drawing by Erica D’Urso and Jason Keith that is inspired by The Man. This drawing in fact depicts the character of Power Princess bloody on her face.

The writer praised the beautiful work of Erica d'Urso, revealing that with that drawing the comparison with Becky Lynch is evident: “I love the bloody smile of Zarda (Power Princess) […] We were definitely trying to channel some energy Becky Lynch with that”.

Then she continues: "I was actually at ringside the night Becky stood smiling as her blood came out of her broken nose, trying to be as badass as only a human being can." Obviously the writer talks about the very famous night when the SmackDown female roster invaded Raw in November 2018 when we were in the Survivor Series period and Becky accidentally got a big punch in the face from Nia Jax which prevented her from challenging Ronda Rousey at PPV.

Who knows if sooner or later we will see the beautiful and talented Becky Lynch sitting comfortably in a cinema eating popcorn while she saves the world. Everyone remembers Becky Lynch relinquishing the WWE RAW Women's Championship to Asuka when she announced a leave of absence owing to pregnancy.

Since then, fans have been asking when Becky Lynch will be back in the mix once again because the WWE Universe misses her dearly. You also don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out that WWE's women's division needs her desperately, especially after the recent round of budget cuts.