Serious mistake by WWE on social media

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Serious mistake by WWE on social media

To err is human and for this reason, we rely on some tools to help us do and say the right thing, unfortunately, we do not always use them and therefore risk making mistakes. The WWE sometimes becomes the protagonist of blunders, especially on social media, which however do not escape the most avid fans of wrestling, who do not miss the opportunity to correct the company, rightly so.

Mistakes can be more or less serious, but this time it can be defined as serious enough, because with just one wrong sentence on Twitter, WWE has erased part of the history of wrestling in general, but especially that of women.

A WWE tweet contains a serious error

Yesterday there was a press conference with those who will be the protagonists of NXT TakeOver: In Your House, that is, all the athletes on the card who one by one took the floor to talk about their matches.

During the speech of the current NXT women's champion, Raquel Gonzalez, the woman made some statements that also carry quite a certain weight given the names she came up with: “It's a huge honor to know that people say my name.

in the same conversation with Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio and reminds me that my place is here”. These are the words of the champion, which have sparked controversy because it is not clear to anyone that she is compared to these two wrestling legends, but this is a subjective thing, a perception.

The worst comes now when WWE closes the quotes of the declaration by having to write who said them, with the following words: "The first Mexican and Latin American female champion to win a title in WWE, Raquel Gonzelez." WWE's plans for Hall of Famer Edge at this year's SummerSlam event have reportedly been revealed.

It was reported a short while ago that Edge was going to be a part of SummerSlam 2021. Dave Meltzer noted that the Rated-R Superstar could wrestle at the Biggest Party of the Summer after it became public knowledge that he would be appearing on the July 16 edition of SmackDown.

Pro-wrestling journalist Jon Alba has now posted a tweet sharing WWE's possible plans for the former world champion at SummerSlam. Alba stated that Edge is penciled in for SummerSlam as of this moment, and WWE is planning to use him as a babyface on the SmackDown side of the card at the mega event.