Paul Ellering launches a clue about a possible return of a famous team

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Paul Ellering launches a clue about a possible return of a famous team

Over the past couple of years, WWE has sadly gone to cut down many of its "deadwood", firing athletes, managers and various insiders, even sending away young talents who looked like they could have done great things in the Stamford-based company's rings.

but it was not at the behest of the McMahons. Among the many released in this period of pandemic, the names of the Authors of Pain also arrived to keep company with the 2020 licensees, when WWE preferred to release Akam and Rezar, also doing without the performance of their manager, Paul Ellering, with whom the boys had by now set up a collaboration that could have been very profitable.

In the last period before their release, the two mammoth former NXT athletes, had also managed to end up in the spotlight that counts on Monday Night Raw, when WWE had joined them with Seth Rollins, at the beginning of his storyline.

from Monday Night Messiah.

Could Paul Ellering and The Authors of Pain return to WWE NXT?

Through some quite particular tweets, in the last few hours the manager Paul Ellering, historic wrestler and WWE manager, seems to have suggested to fans the possible return of his two assistants to the NXT rings, with Akam that may have confirmed this, responding to his historical manager.

With these words, let's see what Ellering may have said to WWE Universe fans: "There is no tag team in wrestling these days that can beat AOP #WWENXT #WWENetwork." To echo Ellering's words came Akam, who responded to that comment with: "Tell him, Paul!!!"

The strange thing in all this juncture is that Paul Ellering deliberately used the hashtags of NXT and the WWE Network, a sign that the manager wanted to once again join the AOPs to the WWE, despite the two no longer part of the roster of the company recently.

less than a year. We'll see if this turns out to have been a clue in the future, with the AOPs returning to show up in the McMahon rings or if the whole thing was simply a compliment from the former wrestling manager to his boys, to remember the good old men.

times spent all three together in the McMahon-owned rings. Akam, who confirmed that the tag team wasn't retired yet, retweeted Paul Ellering's message in support of their manager, further fanning the flames of a potential comeback to the place where this monster tag team got their start.

If The Authors of Pain return, it probably couldn't come at a better time for NXT as their tag team divisions for both the men and women are struggling right now with depth.