Lana promises big revelations about her time in WWE

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Lana promises big revelations about her time in WWE

In recent weeks, WWE has indulged in further cuts, after the black days of April and May, releasing important names also on the main roster of the company, such as Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and Lana, all characters who came used weekly in the rings of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown and that WWE has seen fit to eliminate from its schedules overnight.

After hearing the long chats of Aleister Black on the Twitch channel of his wife, Zelina Vega, to the microphones of which Aleister wanted to leave all his innermost thoughts of his stint over the years that took place in the WWE rings, it would be time for another protagonist of removing a few stones from her stomach, we are obviously talking about Lana.

Lana was one of six Superstars to be recently released from WWE

Immediately after being fired from the Stamford-based company, the first comments came from Lana's husband, the former Rusev and now Miro in AEW, where the wrestler also holds the role of TNT Champion, who had wanted to throw several digs to the McMahon company, guilty of having fired him too on April 15 last year.

After having been the protagonists of some very questionable storylines, Lana and Rusev eventually received the bailiff from the WWE, being fired a year later for budget problems by the McMahons. In her latest Instagram live, Lana promised fans of her how she will shortly start talking about her time in WWE and bring up very interesting topics about her journey in Stamford-based company's, saying: "I can't wait to put on the tea, because it will be h*t and delicious.

I look forward to what I will say, after all these years of being silent. I'm also excited for my husband and his AEW TNT Champion title! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel. I'll be releasing vlogs starting Monday. It's some of that freedom I've always wanted to have.

I can stand up for freedom now, I can stand up, to tell the truth, I can tell everything that people have never known." With these words, Lana has so promised to lie to WWE, going to reveal all those hidden truths that for years she had to suffer backstage and in the WWE environments and thanks to some videos that will be posted directly on his personal Youtube channel, they will be gradually highlighted and analyzed together with the fans.

It will be interesting to see just how honest and open Lana will be about her time in WWE and all of the things she's gotten up to. In the video above she references all of her 'ex-husbands' and 'ex-girlfriends' that she needs to thank, which is an obvious nod to her storylines with Bobby Lashley and Liv Morgan.