Vince McMahon is trying to protect Roman Reigns at all costs

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Vince McMahon is trying to protect Roman Reigns at all costs
Vince McMahon is trying to protect Roman Reigns at all costs

The character on which WWE would be working with more enthusiasm and emphasis in the last year of the pandemic, is certainly that of the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, that Universal champion who has not lost a contest for months: Roman Reigns.

After joining Usos' elder cousin to the same cousins and personal advisor Paul Heyman, it appears that WWE has built on him the entire future of the company's blue show, as well as much of the entire future of the McMahon-owned company, which is going on in the last period with very few very interesting creative ideas and this, is definitely one of those few.

Apparently, WWE is said to be betting really hard on this storyline, because Vince McMahon wants at all costs to make Roman Reigns a true stellar Superstar, at the levels of John Cena or The Rock, so as to be able to build a possible match between the Tribal Chief and acclaimed Hollywood actors in the company's future.

Roman Reigns was a polarizing figure for years

According to what emerged in one of the latest news arrived on the well-known overseas site Wrestling News, it would seem that WWE and in particular its Chairman, Vince McMahon, is preparing a new attitude to entrust to their Universal champion, to make him grow even more , protecting his status in every way.

According to what was revealed by the reporters of the site, in fact: "Vince doesn't want to make Roman Reigns look like the cowardly heel who gets kicked in the ass 50% of the time. He is the main attraction that will carry the company forward for the next few years and Vince sees him as his number one priority.

He will therefore protect Roman at all costs." Apparently, after spending years seeing the most important heels of the McMahon company behave like real cowards, from CM Punk to Seth Rollins, even passing through Daniel Bryan, WWE would be studying a new idea of ​​the heel for his Tribal Chief, so as not to disfigure him on any occasion, tragically causing his status to collapse.

After what emerged also in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, a new and inexorable path seems to have begun for Roman Reigns who will not see him stop for a long, long time. Roman Reigns was a polarizing figure for years on end due to the fact that WWE was trying too hard to make the fans love him.

Reigns was thrust in the main event on a regular basis, and he ended up headlining four consecutive WrestleMania events in 2015-18. Reigns' heel turn last year at SummerSlam suddenly made him the most compelling character on WWE TV.

Reigns later aligned with Paul Heyman, and he has been dominating the SmackDown brand ever since. There's no telling who will be able to dethrone him from his spot.

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