WWE buys rights to a very special brand

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WWE buys rights to a very special brand

In recent months, the WWE in addition to having fired a lot of staff of its company, has also put his hand to the wallet, going to buy different brands and different names for his shows and his athletes, literally locking all his new products, from NXT to the main roster, also passing through the various stable that has been formed over time.

Obviously, all this is done with the awareness that if a project sent on-screen by WWE turns out to be a great success, then someone worldwide could steal the idea and therefore also the name of the aforementioned product, thus going to monetize something.

which was the brainchild of WWE's creative minds and the McMahons obviously don't fit in. For several years now, in fact, WWE first buys the rights to the names and logos that will be broadcast shortly thereafter and then presents something new, both on the NXT rings and on those of the main roster, with the act of the buying and selling of rights which therefore already constitutes a small spoiler for fans, on what they will soon see on the television screens of the Stamford federation.

WWE buys several brands for the same product

Yesterday, the Heel By Nature site, always ready from this point of view with the McMahon company, revealed that last June 9th, WWE would have bought several brands related to the same topic, with such names that have turned out be very special, even for a pro-wrestling company like WWE.

The main name on which the McMahon company obtained the rights of use in the entertainment and pro-wrestling field was in fact "Ethereal Spirit" and then again "E: Spir". These two names have strangely been contracted into as many as 9 different categories and classifications, including that for creating games and merchandising, entertainment services, articles in print etc.

etc. At the moment it is not known what the WWE refers to with this brand, but the sure thing is that it will be something that we will soon see on the company's TV screens and certainly the McMahons will also aim a lot, given a large number of registered trademarks.

It was reported a short while ago that Edge was going to be a part of SummerSlam 2021. Dave Meltzer noted that the Rated-R Superstar could wrestle at the Biggest Party of the Summer after it became public knowledge that he would be appearing on the July 16 edition of SmackDown.

Pro-wrestling journalist Jon Alba has now posted a tweet sharing WWE's possible plans for the former world champion at SummerSlam. Alba stated that Edge is penciled in for SummerSlam as of this moment, and WWE is planning to use him as a babyface on the SmackDown side of the card at the mega event.