Unexpected and sensational turn for the future of Roman Reigns

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Unexpected and sensational turn for the future of Roman Reigns

For months now, the WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief of the Roman Reigns company dominates the length and breadth of Friday Night Smackdown and in general in the main WWE roster. Last year the WWE Big Dog returned in his new great Heel guise at SummerSlam and has since destroyed anyone who stood in his path.

In the last few hours, however, a rumor is coming that has some sensational and that would lead the WWE Universal Champion to make a particular change. According to some rumors, WWE is working to bring Roman Reigns to be the best Babyface in the company of Vince McMahon.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

In the course of the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, well-known colleague and leading industry reporter Dave Meltzer described the similarities that appear more and more evident every day between AEW world champion Kenny Omega and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Meltzer's words are interesting for the future of the two characters. Here are his words: "Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega are basically the same character currently, in the sense that they are Heel in their federations but are prepared to become the best Babyface superstar in their federation" The colleague continues: "All Elite Wrestling is trying to do this while still trying to make the matches very exciting while, on the other hand, all WWE shows is simply that he will destroy anyone who gets in his way." Roman Reigns' run as Heel in WWE is highly regarded by the WWE Universe and there is a lot of curiosity as to whether Meltzer's thought will really represent what will happen in the company of Vince McMahon and at the same time if the same will happen for Kenny Omega in the company of Tony Khan.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns is grappling with the problems with his family dictated above all by Jimmy Uso and the next match that will take place in Hell in A Cell against Rey Mysterio, a show to be held on June 20, 2021. Roman Reigns' storylines revolve around bloodlines so frequently because he hails from the Anoa'i family — a Samoan dynasty that has given WWE and the wrestling world so many prominent names.

From his father Sika to his brother Rosey, Umaga, Yokozuna, Rikishi, and of course, The Usos, this is the first family of the wrestling world. So what is Roman Reigns' real name? It is Leati Joseph Anoa'i, and you may have heard it referenced before.

Remember the time when Reigns announced to the world that he has cancer and would embark on a leave of absence?