Seth Rollins was spotted helping a small business


Seth Rollins was spotted helping a small business

What we see weekly on our screens through the wrestlers is the result of a lot of imagination and a lot of work by the creative team and the athletes themselves. If wrestling is an entertainment sport, in addition to wrestling, there is also a need for a part that can entertain the public with words and interpretations.

This is how gimmicks are born, characterizations that help us get more into the storylines and have fun talking about a certain character. But of course, we know that in real life the wrestlers we love and/or can't stand aren't those people, sometimes they're worse than we think and sometimes better.

The latter is in fact the case of Seth Rollins, who has not been loved so much by his opponents and the public for some time now. But if we talk about Colby Daniel Lopez (real name of Seth Rollins), the situation changes totally, in fact, the man often becomes the protagonist of altruistic gestures towards others.

Seth Rollins was spotted helping a small business

Last night one of the sweetest photos ever seen in the wrestling world spread on the web, originally shared on the Facebook profile of a man who lives in Iowa, the home of Seth Rollins, Adam Ernst.

The photo shows Seth Rollins standing in the garden of a house waiting for a sweet little girl to pour him a glass of lemonade. The story that the girl's father told us is this: “So, Ari has decided that she wants to make some extra money to buy an iPhone and she is having a lemonade feast for herself and you never know who will show up randomly and will buy lemonade”.

This gesture does a lot of credit to Seth Rollins, who took a few minutes of his time to stop by this little girl and make her earn some money for her iPhone. It is really beautiful and exciting when people make these little gestures that are worth a lot to someone.

Seth, or in this case better to say, Colby, has given a beautiful example to all the fans who follow wrestling, especially to the little ones who look a lot at what their idols do, showing great altruism that can only expire them, but in the future also his daughter.

During this week's WWE SmackDown, Seth Rollins joined Bayley in a special edition of the "Ding Dong, Hello!" show. As both stars engaged in frequent bouts of laughter while talking about their current rivals, Cesaro returned and assaulted Rollins.

The Messiah and Cesaro's brawl trashed the “Ding Dong, Hello!” set, and it certainly ended up being a bad night for Seth Rollins, whose pants ripped and came off at one point during the tussle.

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