Mickie James will take care of an all-women's PPV


Mickie James will take care of an all-women's PPV

We've been talking about Mickie James since April, when the veteran of women's wrestling was fired from the WWE with not a few scandals, including items returned in the trash bag and excellent ideas for the rejected women's division.

Fortunately, however, another wrestling company, the one where her husband Nick Aldis also fights, has decided to open their doors to her, allowing her to work on her ideas with a growing women's division that now has Kamille as champion.

Billy Corgan in fact took the ball for his National Wrestling Alliance and decided to do the opposite of what was done in WWE.

Mickie James lands in NWA and organizes an all-female PPV

On Sunday, during NWA POWERR, Billy Corgan, owner of the company, announced that on August 28 in St.

Louis, Missouri, will be NWA's first all-female ppv, which will carry the name “NWA EMPOWERRR” and will be broadcast on FITE TV. Alongside Billy, however, there was also Mickie James who now officially works for the NWA and beyond, in fact, he will be the executive producer of this ppv.

Here are his words during the announcement: "Thank you Billy for trusting me. This is what I have wanted to do for a very long time and I have been cut off from any opportunity and you have given me the opportunity to make a difference.

[...] now we have the opportunity to prove that not only women's wrestling produces money, but it deserves to be at the top like men's wrestling every single night." And then he adds a few digs to WWE: “I'm here to demonstrate why women's wrestling matters: it's not just a hashtag, it's not just making money.

This is real and I want the best of the best in women. It doesn't matter where you come from, if you have a contract elsewhere, I want the top of the top”. Mickie James' speech then concluded by addressing those who have not yet had the opportunity to shine on the square, leaving open many hypotheses that could see athletes coming from various parts of the world and federations to challenge each other.

In a very bold statement, Mickie James said she hopes to gather the best women in the world to compete on this show, even if they are currently under contract with other wrestling companies. This might indicate that the working relationship between the NWA and AEW will continue as the NWA Women's World Championship has been featured prominently on AEW television over the past year.

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