John Cena Sr. comments on Braun Strowman's WWE release

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John Cena Sr. comments on Braun Strowman's WWE release

The most shocking news of recent weeks has undoubtedly been the separation between Braun Strowman and WWE. The former Universal champion has been the victim of yet another wave of releases involving the Stamford federation since the start of the pandemic.

Despite having succeeded in continuing their shows, Vince McMahon's company has also suffered the harsh consequences of a phenomenon unprecedented in modern history. The 37-year-old made his main roster debut in 2015, becoming one of WWE's most popular stars within a few years.

Two months before being estranged, the former Wyatt Family member had defeated Vince McMahon's son - Shane - at WrestleMania 37. In a long conversation with Dan Mirade for 'Boston Wrestling MWF', the father of the 16-time world champion John Cena - namely John Cena Sr.

- expressed his opinion on the controversial choice of WWE.

John Cena Sr. on Braun Strowman

"I don't really understand why they decided to release a superstar like Braun Strowman" - said John Cena Sr. “We are talking about a guy who has unlimited potential.

When WWE hired him, he was convinced he had taken on a generational talent. He overturned trucks and cars, as well as destroying a myriad of opponents. He had also shone in the last edition of WrestleMania, then I honestly don't understand what happened.

I can only say that it was a big mistake. If AEW or New Japan Pro Wrestling miss such a champion, I have to start thinking that there is something strange in this business” - he added. In 2020, Strowman stated that he would never fight for another company outside of WWE.

“I myself have taken back many of my words. We say many things out of affection, gratitude or anger, but situations can change over time. Braun loves wrestling so much that he can't limit himself to this WWE experience.

When he said those phrases, there really was nowhere else to go." PWInsider, in a new report, has stuck to their former report and stated that Braun Strowman may not have spoken to promoters but his manager has. They have also listed a few demands that Strowman has, apart from his booking fee, which includes airfare and hotel costs.

"Strowman's manager Nick Antocelli has quoted "20-25K" for a three-hour appearance to multiple promoters that have reached out with their interest in Strowman appearing for them. Antocelli is also asking for first-class airfare, two nights of hotel plus all meals and ground transportation covered.

Our initial reporting of "Braun Strowman" would have obviously covered anyone who was representing him and we stand by our report. If he's claiming that he didn't speak to "anyone", he may not have personally, but his representation is certainly speaking for him."