Aleister Black talks about his main goals

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Aleister Black talks about his main goals

The name that fans have been shouting the most at the top of their lungs lately, trying to get WWE to take back its recently released talent, is that of Aleister Black. In the latest wave of layoffs that arrived just a few days ago, WWE wanted to cut the contracts of very important athletes who were still part of some of the main roster storylines, thus eliminating from its brand's famous names such as those of Lana, Braun Strowman and Aleister Black.

Aleister Black, who has now returned to be called Tommy End, his stage name used until before the landing in the ring of the Stamford company, would have been the most embittered and surprised by his dismissal, given that there is were important plans to see him back in the Friday Night Smackdown, which WWE had prepared just a few weeks before his release.

In the last few hours, it would seem that several characters and executives within the WWE, would like to get back Aleister Black's performance within the company as soon as possible, prompting the Chairman to summarize him in a short time, before he signs an important agreement with some other worldwide company.

Aleister Black found his name on the list of wrestlers released by WWE

During his latest interview with Oral Sessions, the podcast of Renee Paquette, former WWE Renee Young, Aleister Black wanted to reveal: "She contacted me the very day it happened (the dismissal ed), she was really sad.

Paul always told me, 'Tom, I think you are at least 5 years in this business, you are really brilliant in everything you do, I think your biggest problem, very often, is that you are too far ahead and you things that people still don't understand today.'

He kept believing these words, he was like, 'I still keep believing, you will do great things in the future.' And I feel absolutely far from finished. I am absolutely far from ending my career." As reported several times, even by us at WorldWrestling, one of the biggest supporters that Aleister Black had since his very first day in WWE, was Paul Heyman, who, when he was head of the creative team of Raw, was the first to give the dark wrestler a push, getting him very close to the secondary titled lap of the company's red show.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Aleister Black is expected to sign with All Elite Wrestling. The report also notes that while Black's move to AEW is not a done deal, it is strongly believed that he will be joining the promotion when his 90-day non-compete clause ends.

Aleister Black's release was one of the most shocking ones of all. He recently returned to television after he had been absent for several months. On his first night back, he made his mark by hitting Big E with the Black Mass during his Intercontinental Championship match.