*Spoiler* WWE surprises fans with Eva Marie's return to the ring

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*Spoiler* WWE surprises fans with Eva Marie's return to the ring

During yesterday evening, the WWE officially communicated through its social pages, that Eva Marie would return to fight in the rings of the Stamford company, after years from her last match, in a dispute against Naomi, former world champion of Smackdown, which was chosen as a "sacrificial victim" by the company, for the return of the beautiful flaming red of the federation.

Immediately after the announcement, fans went wild on the company's social networks, accusing the WWE of wanting to bury Naomi too, after doing it with other colleagues of the girl, only to send over Eva Marie, an athlete who has always had in the ring.

many gaps unlike Naomi. All of this, however, in the last episode of Monday Night Raw turned into something very different from what fans expected and probably became even worse than what the members of the WWE Universe expected, at least for the fate suffered by Naomi.

Niven wrestled the match for Eva Marie

As already anticipated by our Rachele, on the pages of WorldWresting, on last Monday, it seemed that the intention of the WWE was to support a massive NXT athlete with Eva Marie, who would thus have acted as a "henchman", with Eva who did not even have to get her hands dirty in her return match in the Stamford company ring.

To appear in the ring against Naomi, it was in fact Piper Niven, athlete of NXT UK, that WWE wanted to make her debut sensationally out of nowhere in its main roster, with the athlete who thus took the place of Eva Marie, beating Naomi in a fairly fast match, which apparently was won by Eva Marie herself and not by Niven.

Immediately after the final pin of the contest, Eva Marie declared herself the winner of the match, with fans not even getting to hear the name of the Scottish WWE wrestler, who at this point may even have been changed, as happens very often.

with a step on the main roster. Apparently, the plans for the future of Eva Marie will be those that will see the beautiful athlete of Raw always be supported by her new bodyguard, a bit like AJ Styles and Omos have done in recent months, waiting to understand how it will go.

to finish this storyline too. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that the pitched name for Piper Niven's character is "Doudrop", but he wrote that he's unsure if WWE will actually use that name. Sapp also reported that Eva Marie wasn't returning to WWE to wrestle; instead, she'd be a manager in order to get someone else over.

He specifically mentioned Piper Niven by name within the last week. Eva Marie called out Sapp and other reporters in recent weeks for claiming that she wasn't going to wrestle, but it appears that they might have been right after all.