WWE may be hiring some stars again through NXT

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WWE may be hiring some stars again through NXT

In recent months, WWE (and NXT) has been dropping its scythe of layoffs, as has happened almost every year, releasing several athletes, in several waves that have never been seen so conspicuous in recent years, causing both the workers to worry.

works that WWE Universe fans, as to why WWE has come this far. For weeks, in fact, there has been talk of a possible willingness on the part of the top management of the Stamford-based company, to sell or sell the business, with all these corporate moves that have done nothing but increase and increase the revenues of the WWE, already monstrously high in the past two years.

Apparently, however, within the company, there is said to be someone who is not exactly in agreement with the Chairman Vince McMahon and with his way of doing the last period, with the son-in-law of Vince, Triple H, his daughter Stephanie's husband, who apparently is devising a plan to go and take back all those great talents that WWE would release overnight, despite having big plans for them, which according to the Chairman would not have worked.

WWE may be hiring some stars again through NXT

According to what was revealed recently by the well-known podcast of the Fightful Select site, there are said to be several Superstars who could be reinstated in the yellow WWE roster, precisely at the behest of Triple H and several other important executives of the company, a bit like what happened.

last year, when Drake Maverick was included again in the WWE storylines, right at NXT. Through the microphones of the well-known overseas podcast, we learn that: "There have been numerous releases over the past 14 months that have been discussed at NXT as possible replenishments, but nothing has happened yet and currently at least one of the big stars released has already been targeted for a return to NXT any time soon, but nothing's official as yet" Probably, the big-name Fightful's reporters are talking about is that of Samoa Joe, a former WWE wrestler who was released several weeks ago and who apparently would have found a new role backstage at NXT, not as a fighter though.

In addition to the name of Joe, there would be several that could be recalled by the WWE, for a different role or in any case to take part in the yellow roster of the McMahon company, with Triple H having a decidedly different vision of the business, compared to his father-in-law.