*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss sends a message to a Raw star

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*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss sends a message to a Raw star

Alexa Bliss's character has undergone a sensational transformation in recent months and thanks to her friendship with Bray Wyatt The Fiend, the wrestler has totally changed. After the breakup between the two at Wrestlemania 37 and the 'disappearance' of Raw's demon, the wrestler is trying to 'make' new friends or rather she is finding new opponents on her way.

At the beginning of the last Monday Night Raw episode, The Goddess of the WWE put her beloved doll Lily into timeout due to the troubles caused by the latter in last week's episode with Shayna Baszler. Now the two opponents will find themselves in Hell in A Cell but in the last episode, Alexa challenged Shayna's partner, Nia Jax.

The two were the protagonists of a hard-fought match and just when Bliss seemed one step away from victory, Reginald intervened to stop everything and thus leading to Alexa's victory only through disqualification. At the end of the match, Alexa Bliss looked like a fury and she seemed ready to attack Reginald somehow but Nia Jax arrived interrupting everything with Alexa who then left.

Alexa Bliss's message to a Raw star

During the episode of Raw Talk, following Raw, Alexa Bliss attacked Reginald and at the same time made interesting statements about another Raw superstar, namely R-Truth. Here are her words: "Reginald has to be put on Timeout just like Lilly.

When you do something wrong you have to be punished. Lilly was wrong last week with Shayna and for that reason, she was punished." Bliss then spoke like this to the former WWE 24/7 Champion, who has always been very popular with the public.

Here are her words about it: "Lilly is constantly asking to see him, I think she actually likes you. She constantly asks about you, R-Truth. He asked me if you'd like to come to Alexa's Playground sometime." Fans are curious where this eventual feud might lead while at the same time it seems that in view of Hell in A Cell Alexa Bliss starts quite favored in the match against Shayna Baszler.

Alexa Bliss kicked off RAW and recapped what happened to Shayna last week, alluding to the fact that Baszler being out of action for now. Nia Jax showed up and said that Shayna challenged Alexa to a match at Hell in a Cell before telling her to stop messing with her and her friends.

Alexa denied that they were ever friends before Nia challenged her to a match tonight. Bliss started crying but then it turned to laughter before she accepted the challenge.