*Spoiler* Four straight victories for Nikki Cross

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*Spoiler* Four straight victories for Nikki Cross

The evening opens immediately with the Alexa Playground, where ALEXA BLISS remembers the events of seven days ago and states that Lily is currently on break ... BUT NIA JAX IS COMING! The Samoan immediately says that the Goddess will face Shayna Baszler at HIAC and, after being teased, she proposes a match for tonight.

Little Miss Bliss pretends to cry and accepts the "invitation"! In the ring, we see CHARLOTTE FLAIR and NIKKI CROSS ready for the second challenge in a few weeks, while CHAMPION RHEA RIPLEY is at the comment table! -Nikki Cross Vs Charlotte Flair It's not a different match than it was two weeks ago, with Nikki occasionally managing to come up with some interesting moves, but she suffers a devastating FallaWay Slam outside the ring!

The Queen thinks well of distracting herself and teasing Rhea… AND IS COUNTED OUT ONCE AGAIN !!! The joy of the Cross lasts very short as Charlotte attacks her immediately and brings her back to the square ... BUT RHEA COMES ...

RIPTIDE ON CHARLOTTE !!! The Australian raises her belt to the sky and goes away satisfied!

It was a fourth straight win for Nikki Cross

It was a fourth straight win for Nikki Cross, who is quietly picking up some steam on RAW.

Last week, she pinned the RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. Speaking of Ripley, she faced and defeated Asuka again, further pushing The Empress down the card. Backstage we see RIDDLE delivering his sermon to poor JEFF HARDY, who thinks he is right to leave.

Shortly after, RANDY ORTON arrives and the Original Bro promises that he will behave well tonight, although the Viper only advises not to imitate him (and who wants to imitate other Head Locks at random?). Jeff's double night -Jeff Hardy Vs John Morrison w The Miz I wrote Miz but, since he is still in a wheelchair after the zombie attack, I could not write anything ...

Returning serious, the two perform several spectacular maneuvers ... BUT THE THEME SONG OF CEDRIC ALEXANDER RESONATES! With the idea that the former Hurt Business had the wrong moment, the king of Parkour executes a devastating move on the apron and ...

STARSHIP PAIN AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! In the post-match, Alexander takes the microphone and claims that he considered Jeff an idol (ah well ...), but that, due to the disrespect, he intends to have him retired already tonight!

-Jeff Hardy Vs Cedric Alexander Despite several blows to the leg, Jeff immediately gets up, but misses the SWANTON BOMB! Cedric tries to bring the match back from him ... BUT THE TWIST OF FATE HAS BEEN CAUGHT !!! Hardy climbs from the third rope… AND THIS TIME THE SWANTON BOMB HITS THE TARGET AND THE VICTORY!!!