*Spoiler* RK-Bro has been on fire since teaming up on Raw

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*Spoiler* RK-Bro has been on fire since teaming up on Raw

The second part of the red show starts immediately with a bang… EVA MARIE IS BACK (unfortunately)! Poor NAOMI is in the ring and is about to witness the return of that villain ... BUT EVA HAS A BEAUTIFUL STURDY FRIEND !!!

Who is this chick? -Naomi Vs Piper Niven While WWE takes care not to explain who Eva's friend is (who is Piper Niven, but if someone follows only the main roster and not NXT they don't know) ... THIS LAST DOMINATES AND WINS THE MATCH IN A DOMINANT WAY !!!

Sensational debut of the newcomer (and unknown, for the Raw audience), who rejoices together with Eva! Eva herself takes the microphone and says that the winner of the match is ... EVA MARIE! Then you ask me why I was “slightly” upset when I read about her return… DREW MCINTYRE is interviewed backstage!

The Scotsman claims to think first about tonight and then about Hell In A Cell, adding that he will not reveal his strategy ... but thanks to ... -New Day Vs RK-Bro The match is marked by several spectacular front changes, with Riddle who close to success after a crazy Suplex!

Randy Orton and Riddle (RK-Bro) also perform a double Powerbomb on Woods, but the latter is saved! The New Day reacts great and the two get on the ropes… ELECTRIC CHAIR A SIGN !!! 1… 2… NOOO !!! RIDDLE SAVES WITH A STROKE OF MAGIC !!!

Kofi and Xavier attempt the MIDNIGHT HOUR… BUT THEY ARE WRONG !!! The Viper takes over… RKO… MISSING… RKO TO SIGN ON THE SECOND ATTEMPT !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! You again!

RK-Bro has been on fire since teaming up on RAW

Riddle had an interesting interaction with Jeff Hardy, who told him to listen to a veteran like Randy Orton.

The duo (RK-Bro) would go on to have an excellent match against The New Day - one that feels more like a Raw Tag Team title feud than anything AJ Styles and Omos have done lately. Rhea Ripley Vs Asuka The Empress of tomorrow puts the champion in great difficulty, forced several times to defend herself from Asuka's attempts at submission.

Rhea resists and, after rejecting a hold, RIPTIDE her and take the victory home! However, Rhea is immediately attacked by CHARLOTTE FLAIR… AND A VERY VIOLENT Brawl STARTS !!! The executives are struggling to contain the anger of the two girls, where even big words fly in view of Sunday night!

It should be noted that the Queen hit ADAM PEARCE during the general riot with the Australian. Backstage we see WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY & MVP together with the girls, with the All Mighty promising to think about Sunday and make the Scotsman pay for it!

-Nia Jax w Reginald Vs Alexa Bliss Nia dominates the first few minutes, but Alexa is definitely on fire in a demonic version and replicates great, despite Reginald's first interventions. Little Miss Bliss also performs her TWISTED BLISS ...

1 ... 2 ... BUT REGINALD INTERVENES AND THE REFEREE CALLS THE DISQUALIFICATION !!! Reginald and Alexa Bliss observe each other, with their uncle seeming to have it in her underwear but, at the same time, seems to be mesmerized by Alexa's demonic abilities! Everything is interrupted by Nia and little Miss Bliss walks away smiling!