*Spoiler* What happened to Bobby Lashley in the main event?

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*Spoiler* What happened to Bobby Lashley in the main event?

The third and final part of Monday Night RAW opens backstage, where MVP tries to convince KOFI KINGSTON by stating that XAVIER WOODS is the cause of his defeats, but the Ghanaian sends the manager away in a bad way! Born strategist - Jakson Ryker Vs Elias Copy/paste what happened seven days ago, with Elias who, after taking them for the whole match, thinks well to be counted out, losing for the second time in a row by count-out!

It's time for the main event that will see Scottish Warrior and Phenomenal One clash, with BOBBY LASHLEY on stage! -Drew McIntyre Vs AJ Styles w Omos The Scotsman immediately starts strong and, after the FUTURE SCHOCK, tries the CLAYMORE… BUT STYLES IS SAVED THANKS TO OMOS!

Meanwhile, Lashley approaches the ring and starts distracting Drew… BUT THE VIKING RAIDERS ARE COMING TOO !!! The Scot attacks AJ outside the ring and ... ATTACKS BOBBY !!! Shortly after, the All MIghty interferes ...

AND THE REFEREE CALLS THE DISQUALIFICATION !!! The Viking Raiders chase the WWE champion away, while McIntyre performs a Belly-To-Belly Suplex outside the ring again on Bobby!

McIntyre hit a sickening Claymore Kick to Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntyre & Viking Raiders Vs Bobby Lashley w MVP & AJ Styles & Omos The 3 Vs 3 is sanctioned during the advertising phase and, after a brief domination of the good guys, it's the trio of bad guys seems to have the upper hand, thanks to the fury of Omos, capable of throwing the two Vikings over the barricade.

Drew is left alone against three, but AJ prefers to tag Lashley, who doesn't seem to take it well… CLAYMORE SUDDEN OF DREW ON LASHLEY !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! The Scot wins and rejoices under the gaze of MVP! Today's edition of RAW ends on the images of Drew McIntyre's celebrations!

That's all and see you directly at Hell In A Cell! Moments later, the inevitable six-man tag team match took place. The Viking Raiders took control early before Bobby Lashley leveled both men with some impressive moves. Fans even got a chance to watch a brief showdown between McIntyre and Omos during the match.

Finally, The Scottish Warrior hit a sickening Claymore Kick to the WWE Champion and pinned him to score the win for his team on RAW. Fans also got a glimpse of what to expect during the future RAW Tag Team Match between The Viking Raiders and the team of Styles and Omos.