WALTER surpasses 800 days as a champion

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WALTER surpasses 800 days as a champion

WWE history is dotted with the longest and most incomprehensible reigns in pro-wrestling history, with sacred monsters of the discipline who have managed to hold title reigns for years, as did Fabulous Moolah or Bruno Sammartino, who for decades have had a company title alongside them, which would be really out of place and totally impossible nowadays.

Impossible up to a certain point, however, given that in recent years the WWE has managed to set up several truly particular records, also with regard to the titled kingdoms, which have become more and more, as more and more have become the belts.

currently in possession of the Superstars of the McMahon family. Among the many champions that the Stamford-based federation currently has in its rosters, there is one that continues to claim victims in all parts of the world, carrying on its title reign won by now in 2019, without anyone being able to scratch its I walk.

We are talking about WALTER. After winning his title of NXT UK maximum champion, on April 5, 2019, at NXT TakeOver: New York, on the weekend of Wrestlemania 35, beating former title and reigning record holder, Pete Dunn, WALTER is starting to exceed 1000 days as UK champion of the Stamford-based company, reaching 800 days at the moment.

WALTER has held the NXT UK Championship for a long time

If Dunne had stopped at "only" 685 days, after the victories with Rampage Brown, Joe Coffey, Ilja Dragunov and Tommaso Ciampa, WALTER has once again set yet another record, with the incredible reign of Bruno Sammartino that seems to be was put in the sights, even if there are still 5 years as a champion to beat him, which is very unlikely.

If WALTER's female counterpart was beaten last week, with Kay Lee Ray losing her title after holding it for 649 days (undisputed female record at NXT UK), the road to WATER still seems very long, especially given the fact that on his side, the Austrian WWE talent still has two of the Imperium's henchmen to lend a hand; not that WALTER needs help against his opponents.

WALTER had held the NXT UK Championship for 797 days at the time of writing this article. His title reign is the second-longest for WWE titles which are currently active. WALTER defeated Pete Dunne to become WWE United Kingdom Champion in April 2019.

The title was then renamed NXT United Kingdom Championship in January 2020. Bruno Sammartino's record of 2803 days with the WWE Championship remains the longest-ever reign with current active titles. It should be noted that when Sammartino held the title, it was known as the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship.