John Cena discusses his possible turn heel

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John Cena discusses his possible turn heel

One of the sides of John Cena that has never been explored in the last 15 years has certainly been that heel character that all fans of the WWE Universe have wanted to see throughout his career. Although the John Cena wrestler was born as a heel character, taking his first steps towards success just as one of the "villains" of the McMahon federation, this situation would have lasted very little for the fans.

In fact, many over the years have shouted loudly to have him as a turn heel. The Stamford-based federation has never accepted these requests, finding it beneficial and certainly finding it even more productive, to keep John Cena among the babyface ranks, especially in terms of marketing and merchandising sales.

As long as John Cena remained at the height of his WWE ring career, before making his way to Hollywood, he was always the character who sold more WWE merchandise, t-shirts, caps and gadgets than any other athlete in the world.

probably his story, which has always made McMahons desist from turning him heel.

John Cena discussed a potential WWE return

In his latest interview given to the microphones of the well-known journalist Chris Van Vliet, John Cena wanted to open the turn heel speech once again, but this time going to open the famous casket that remained compulsorily closed in the last years of his stint in WWE and saying: "I think the time has now come to say that this could be a possibility.

As WWE has been working on building their rosters for years now, we see that there are now several great characters on the ship and several of them can be considered as nice massive anchors for the company. Certainly, Roman can now be labeled a definitive star.

I think the reason I never explored that side is because WWE never felt comfortable with it, as they had no viable alternatives. And I respect this business choice, I really respect it a lot. But now with all this work done to found the future, which will go on for the next decade, maybe ...

maybe. I do not know." John Cena is still one of WWE's top guys whenever he's in the ring, the problem is that he's in the ring less and less these days. In fact, he last wrestled for WWE at WrestleMania 36 in 2020 during the Firefly Fun House match against Bray Wyatt.

But now the multi-time world champion has indicated he'll be back. During an interview with prominent wrestling interviewer Chris Van Vliet, John Cena discussed a potential WWE return when he was asked about his iconic jean shorts or jorts, and he told Vliet that he missed wearing them. However, the conversation then led Cena to confirm he'd be back.