Former WWE star reflects on Retribution

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Former WWE star reflects on Retribution

Retribution is certainly a stable that has had many problems since its inception, not convincing the WWE Universe. The storylines that have seen Mustafa Ali's stable as protagonist have always been quite confusing. Unfortunately, the athletes involved certainly did not earn anything good, on the contrary, in many cases, they even lost their characters who worked outside the Retribution, just think of Mia Yim or Dominik Dijakovic.

But one of the female athletes involved in this project in the period of its on-screen debut wanted to tell her own experience since she is now no longer in the company owned by the McMahons.

Vanessa Borne talks about Retribution

Vanessa Borne struggled very little at NXT, so much so that when they told her she would be on the main roster, she too didn't believe it.

Unfortunately for various reasons, one above all the COVID, some plans for her never went through and so she was out of the game for many months, without having the opportunity to do much. Her initial idea was to put her in a threesome with Chelsea Green and Santana Garrett, who were also recently fired from the company, but the idea was abandoned in favor of her involvement in Retribution.

Borne told PWInsider: “They called me and told me I was part of the Retribution. I was happy to be on TV for something, but I had a lot of questions. I wanted to know what kind of group it was and how I could fit in. I had some concerns because, at the time, things were happening all over the country with violence and we were watching it happen and this is not cool.

I wanted to know if the group wanted to ape him. I expressed these concerns, but in the end, I wanted to do what I was ordered and try to understand how I could help. Within a week, I received a call from Mark Carano saying: 'You will not be part of the Retribution and we will withdraw your contract.

We sent you back to NXT." The biggest surprises from this list are Vanessa Borne, Jessamyn Duke, and Alexander Wolfe. The latter was seen last night on WWE NXT when he lost to Killian Dain and was then kicked out of Imperium.

While Vanessa Borne had been called up to the main roster for quite some time, she never made her official debut on RAW or SmackDown, so it appears WWE still considered her to be an NXT talent. Jessamyn Duke was recently a regular on the WWE YouTube channel Up Up Down Down as part of the stable B.R.E.

with Dakota Kai, Shayna Baszler, and Mia Yim. This will leave a hole in that group that will be hard to fill going forward.